• The rest work in education.

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  • And that then let's me get to, basically, base this code. Having done that, height I simply call base with get float, I call height with get float, and do the rest of the work.


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  • I think I could maybe afford a front door if I work really hard for the rest of my life.


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  • It wasn't good enough today, so after the season I'm going to go home and rest a little bit and I'm going to work harder than ever,".

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  • That's not what Welles wanted He wanted to examine the myth of the past, even the rest of being a little nostalgic about the whole stuff, and to build the work of art, so we can live with that.


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  • "You have to provide incentives for employees to work hard. And yes,the pay structure for Wall Street vs.the rest of America looks a bit out of wack.

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  • But Roger Bannister continued to train and work hard, not harder than the rest of the runners, but as hard as the top runners in the world.


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  • (Sound) Chanting the Yiddish word for Sabbath,they charged that work is forbidden on the holy day of rest according to the Bible and called on the company to stay closed on Saturdays.

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