• How are we going to rebuild a shattered economy and a shaken national spirit?

    FORBES: Life During Wartime

  • We choose to explore space because doing so improves our lives and lifts our national spirit.

    CNN: Bush: 'It is time for America to take the next steps' in space

  • Some cells promote a Somali national spirit whereas others extol al-Qaeda's pan-Islamic vision.

    ECONOMIST: Somalia and the United States: What's to be done? | The

  • How much worse then in the wake of the biggest blow to capitalism and the national spirit this country has ever seen?

    FORBES: Entrepreneurship: A bit Dented, Still Golden

  • In this magical, undisturbed corner of the most fascinating of European countries, you encounter the national spirit at its most private and authentic.

    BBC: Germany's land of poets and thinkers

  • Bond, as an imagined agent of British culture, is an opportunity for a free-swinging, gun-toting male identity to be linked to a national spirit.

    FORBES: 007 On The Couch

  • When a director is the first to emerge from his country into the world spotlight, his films are often thought to embody a peculiar national spirit.


  • " while those on the left decry "her demeanor and every discernible action (that) seemed to be to the detriment of our national spirit and identity.

    CNN: Thatcher: A divisive force even in death

  • The central point made by Mr Lieven's witty and impeccably scholarly book is that Russia owed its victory not to the courage of its national spirit or to the coldness of the 1812 winter, as some French sources have argued, but to its military excellence, superior cavalry, the high standards of Russia's diplomatic and intelligence services and the quality of its European elite.

    ECONOMIST: Russia's war against Napoleon

  • And to encourage a renewed spirit of national service for this and future generations, I ask this Congress to send me the bipartisan legislation that bears the name of Sen.

    NPR: Obama's Address To Congress

  • Once the final results are announced, the Secretary-General calls upon all Iraqi political parties to come together in a spirit of national reconciliation to form an inclusive and fully representative Government that will serve all the Iraqi people.

    UN: Secretary-General

  • According to its Statutes, candidates should be men, women, institutions or non-governmental organizations that have distinguished themselves through particularly remarkable initiatives extending over several years to promote the understanding and solution of international or national problems in a spirit of tolerance and non-violence.


  • At the end of their final broadcast together, Madden described Summerall as "a treasure" and the "spirit of the National Football League" in a tribute to the partner that complemented the boisterous former Oakland Raiders coach so well.

    NPR: Super Voice Gone: Pat Summerall Dead At 82

  • That generosity of spirit is in our national DNA. It's our way of doing things.

    NPR: Transcript: Cindy McCain's Speech

  • Heidi is a national symbol, representing the feisty spirit of the mountain people and the Swiss love of nature.

    BBC: Peace moves in Heidi wars

  • Though the system involves some 60 countries, the moving spirit is America's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

    ECONOMIST: Changing science

  • From her early years as a famous dancer, to choreographer and mentor to the national dance company, Perola embodies the spirit of the country.

    BBC: Working Lives: Maputo

  • "In so doing, the Senate sent a strong signal of its intention to work in a constructive and bipartisan spirit to preserve and enhance our national security, " Clinton said.

    CNN: articles about

  • Mr Smith proposes policies to "create a new spirit and rhetoric of fraternity and national solidarity" - a national care service, a national day or a US-style state of the British union address.

    BBC: Does it pay for politicians to be patriotic?

  • Aussies and Americans like you have stood together since World War I, the war in which so much of your national character was born -- your incredible ANZAC Spirit.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Speaks to U.S. and Australian Service Members | The White House

  • The spirit at the foundation of the Turkish Grand National Assembly illuminates the new phase today.

    BBC: Ocalan statement: Key excerpts

  • While the unofficial national drink of Coke and Fernet (a bitter, aromatic spirit) is not exactly complicated, many bars are stepping up their offerings.

    BBC: Carousing in the cocktail capital of South America

  • As we celebrate National Native American Heritage Month, let us move forward in the spirit of mutual understanding and mutual trust, confident that our challenges can be met and that our shared future is bright.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Existing events such as Hogmanay, Edinburgh festivals, Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, Edinburgh Mela, Royal National MOD, Turriff Show, East Neuk Festival, Outdoor Orkney Festival and Tweedlove Bike Festival will receive funding for homecoming additions to their planned programmes for next year.

    BBC: Homecoming 2014

  • Andrew Rosindell urged the PM to "show bulldog spirit" in a "resolute and uncompromising defence of British national interests".

    BBC: Boris Johnson adds to Tory EU referendum pressure on PM

  • This was less a conference speech and more a national pep talk - a call to reject pessimism and to embrace the British spirit.

    BBC: Tory conference: Cameron's national pep talk

  • He said the ECB - and governments - needed to respect the spirit of the Maastricht treaty, which bans the ECB from financing national governments.

    BBC: Draghi's message for artful euro-dodgers

  • Bruce was a great fan -- a great friend over the last year, and when I watched him on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when he rocked the National Mall before my inauguration, I thought it captured as well as anything the spirit of what America should be about.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Celebrates Kennedy Center Honorees

  • Dr. Dlamini-Zuma recalled the objectives of PAWO and the pioneering spirit of African women who founded it, many of whom took part in national liberation movements and other political and armed struggles, sometimes even at the highest price of their lives.


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