• The coroner who examined Elizabeth's tortured body reported that she had a genital defect that rendered her incapable of having standard intercourse.

    CNN: Famous cold cases: Police nemeses, tabloid fodder

  • Any type of sexual activity that leads to orgasm including masturbation, anal sex, oral sex and intercourse can trigger sex headaches.

    CNN: Sex headaches

  • Previous RAND research also showed that teens who watch a lot of television with sexual content are more likely to initiate intercourse the following year.

    CNN: Study links sexual content on TV to teen pregnancy

  • Is it possible that, in fact, all underage sex, even by consenting teenagers, and even if it doesn't amount to intercourse, is inherently harmful to minors?

    NPR: Slate's Jurisprudence: Kansas Sex Ban Challenged

  • The president explained to the grand jury that Miss Lewinsky may have believed that her affidavit was true if she believed that sexual relationship meant intercourse.

    CNN: Transcript: Schippers, Lowell briefings before Judiciary panel, part 2

  • And Ms. Lewinsky's statements to some that she did not have intercourse with the President, even though she wanted to do so, enhances the credibility of her statements.

    CNN: There is Substantial and Credible Information that

  • Ms. Gonzalez, 29 years old, also allegedly told the other inmate that she had intercourse with the prisoner over three weekends with the express purpose of impregnating herself.

    WSJ: Authorities Say Guard Had Sex With Murderer

  • Early marriage in many part of Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia means that many engage in intercourse even before they are teenagers and have limited choice over birth control.

    BBC: Educating girls is vital to a country's economy, Plan says

  • Another, in 2001, not specifically of rape, found that among 221 women trying to conceive, "one completely random act of unprotected intercourse" had a 3.1% chance of ending in pregnancy.

    WSJ: Pregnancies From Rape Prove Tough to Count

  • His "breakthrough" last summer with Kim Il Sung was credited with avoiding a war over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons capability, and thus setting the stage for extended U.S.-North Korean diplomatic intercourse.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: XXX ratings ... impact fluster

  • At any age it was entirely acceptable and indeed much more the rule than the exception for a man to have intercourse with a woman without having to concern himself with whether conception might occur.

    NPR: One Boy's Heroism in the Face of AIDS

  • And because most of the people one associates closely with family members and real friends are also FB friends, FB has become a frequent subject of conversation in the First World of actual human intercourse.

    FORBES: Is Liking Google+ Enough?

  • In the so-called "two-finger test, " doctors probe the vagina to determine if a hymen is present and to try to determine if the vagina is lax, which is taken as evidence the woman routinely has sex and thus consented to intercourse.

    NPR: Indian Panel Pushes New Laws After Fatal Gang Rape

  • When caught, he had in his home dozens of videos showing victims in states of undress (leaving the shower, getting dressed, engaging in intercourse) as well as financial data including credit card numbers alongside TurboTax, T-Mobile, Netflix, Paypal, HSBC, and Chase Bank account information.

    FORBES: More Details Emerge On 'Sextortion' Hacker Suspect

  • "Let us then, fellow citizens, unite with one heart and one mind, let us restore to social intercourse that harmony and affection without which liberty, and even life itself, are but dreary things, " he said in a classic expression of our great tradition of conciliation.

    CNN: Top 5 inaugural addresses

  • They are not accused of having intercourse with the girl, although prosecutor Marianne Hemmeter said in opening statements that one photograph appears to show semen on the girl's body and DNA analysis of semen on a blanket she was lying on was a match for Mays.


  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Levitra, an orange pill compared to Viagra's blue, based on studies showing that men were on average five times more likely to achieve an erection suitable for intercourse when taking the pill compared with those given a dummy medicine.

    BBC: Viagra pills

  • After reviewing data on how married couples in the U.S. tackle housework, as well as self-reports of how often they enjoyed intercourse, sociologists at the University of Washington (UW) say that couples who shared the burden of chores -- cooking, cleaning and caring for the lawn -- tend to have the least active sex lives.

    CNN: Why husbands who share household chores miss out on sex

  • Had a way been found to fudge the Kashmir issue, much else was ready to be approved: joint action on narcotics, confidence-building measures to reduce tension between the two nuclear-equipped military establishments, oil pipelines, trade and, most important of all, regular annual summits, six-monthly foreign ministers' meetings and a host of the lesser official dialogues that form the normal framework for intercourse between neighbours who are not enemies.

    ECONOMIST: India and Pakistan: Hope among the ruins | The

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