• The feds believe that Al-Zubayi may have faked his own death, including an elaborately staged funeral.

    FORBES: Kidnap Inc.

  • While we are elaborately connected electronically in modern life, we are poorly connected interpersonally.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Delivered from Distraction'

  • That the glove ever belonged to Babe Ruth was a complete and elaborately constructed fiction.

    FORBES: Bogus Bambino Baseball Glove Scam

  • But where the Vanderbilt is known for its small plates, the sophisticated, intimate Battersby serves deliberately paced, elaborately conceived four-course meals.

    NEWYORKER: Battersby

  • The extra amount was so elaborately laundered that it was not worth the effort of building it into the cases against the companies.

    ECONOMIST: Medicaid fraud

  • With a taste for elaborately staged spectacles, the French also demanded the expressive medium of ballet — arguably as important as the singing itself.

    NPR: Opera Beyond Words: Rameau's Radiant Dances

  • And when the technology did catch up (the strainers and colanders, the elaborately pronged spits) most of Europe was still eating like those old Romans—mainly with its hands.

    NEWYORKER: A Fork of One’s Own

  • Her much-loved harp stands near a remarkable set of chairs, elaborately upholstered with floral motifs (and still sporting their original fabric), created for her boudoir by Georges Jacob.

    ECONOMIST: Marie-Antoinette

  • McDonald's quickly learned from that one restaurant what it took Boston Market 1, 200 to learn: Food and labor costs involved in elaborately prepared take-out meals make for measly profits.

    FORBES: Beyond Burgers

  • The cover page is elaborately designed with gilded calligraphy.

    UNESCO: Memory of the World

  • Simply everyone, it seems, now mounts the elaborately carved lintels that once signaled wealth here--her own door beams are cut with reverse swastikas and painted on the underside with red dots that bind the house with prayers.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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