• In 1973, a 33-year-old dancer named Pina Bausch was invited to take over the directorship of Wuppertal's ballet.

    ECONOMIST: Germany is now the dance centre of the world

  • This forced Mr Grasso to agree to relinquish his directorship of Home Depot at its next annual meeting.

    ECONOMIST: Grasso's brass neck | The

  • And then that directorship became such a time-suck over the last 8 months.

    FORBES: David Kenny Won't Be the Next CEO of Yahoo!

  • One of LFL's directors is Craig Whyte, while there is also a directorship residing with a Florida-based company, Gold Manson.

    BBC: Rangers movie: The Whyte Stuff

  • Citing conflict of interest, Richard Li has pledged to resign his Hutchison Whampoa directorship if the HKT takeover goes through.

    CNN: From Ports to Portals

  • Cloud Gate's international prestige is such that Lin was recently offered the directorship of one of Europe's major dance companies.

    CNN: ASIANOW - Asiaweek

  • I. within the Justice Department, his often corrupt and intimidating hold on the directorship, his prurience, his phobias, his last days and death.

    NEWYORKER: Movies

  • The row centred on Mr Lake's directorship of a consultancy company, Charterhouse Chancery Ltd, that offered Olympic Games hospitality packages to overseas visitors.

    BBC: Sacked Surrey councillor Ian Lake quits Conservatives

  • Still, it could be worse: Mr Grasso's last prominent directorship was at Computer Associates, a company plagued by dubious accounting and mismanaged stock options.

    ECONOMIST: Wall Street

  • This forced Mr Grasso to relinquish his directorship of Home Depot.

    ECONOMIST: Grasso's brass neck | The

  • In tackling this issue, NACD Directorship sought to find if there is a consensus around Schapiro's performance in carrying out the agency's renewed aggressive, activist mission.


  • The European Monetary Institute opened its doors in Frankfurt under the directorship of Alexandre Lamfalussy, a Belgian who had previously run the Bank for International Settlements.

    ECONOMIST: EURO BRIEF: Eleven into one may go | The

  • He's ceased to be an adviser to a private equity firm, and given up a directorship at Compass catering group, while also giving up his cancer charity role.

    BBC: Dishonours system for entitled bankers

  • Given the tremendous consequences of adopting the Davis-Hammond approach to strategic defense in a world increasingly characterized by massive proliferation, Mr. Clinton's choice for the SDIO directorship bears close scrutiny.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • However, Jackson resigned recently from her directorship at KeyCorp.

    FORBES: NYSE Reform Starts Off On Wrong Foot

  • The plans for productions from 2013-2020 were announced under the directorship of the House's outgoing chairman, Tony Hall, who is leaving to take up the post of director general of the BBC.

    BBC: Royal Opera House announces contemporary projects

  • Only a few months ago, Mr Grande Stevens took up yet another directorship, at UniCredito Italiano, a bank, where he acted as peacemaker after a shareholder row at the beginning of this year.

    ECONOMIST: The law and the profits

  • His directorship of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and his lucrative recording contract with Columbia Records survived only because he signed a humiliating affidavit in which he renounced the full range of his extensive civil-rights and left-wing commitments.

    ECONOMIST: Leonard Bernstein

  • Claiming to have documentary evidence that Charles Green signed up Craig Whyte to a Sevco directorship, Whyte disputes the right of Mr Green to transform Sevco Scotland into a new entity and to take away control of the club.

    BBC: Rangers movie: The Whyte Stuff

  • Weill to a non-industry directorship.

    FORBES: Self-Regulation Hits The NYSE

  • Oppenheimer's directorship of Los Alamos required both the scientific skills to understand every aspect of the bomb's design and the human touch necessary to manage the thousands of scientists and engineers living, in total secrecy, atop an isolated mesa in the wilds of New Mexico.

    ECONOMIST: Robert Oppenheimer

  • My sense is that this is not simply about social justice, but also aimed at providing women at mid- and upper-level management positions some role models and opportunities at executive and directorship levels and therefore the incentive to gain the experience necessary to succeed at these levels.

    FORBES: Power Women Lead Way Out of Crisis Starting At Grass Roots

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