• I have a chart here, which I'll make available to, with a listing of nations with worse literacy record in the world.


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  • And for better or for worse we've done a lot of damage over the past few years for this stuff.


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  • So you can see that this is non-bonding, this is even worse than non-bonding, it's anti-bonding, because we're actually getting rid of electron density between the two nuclei.


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  • And this panic attack screws worse and worse until he saw a therapist who ended up describing in medication.


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  • This hasn't really been studied but my guess is they become worse and worse for the reason I mentioned before.

    原因还没有研究 但我猜测,导致人们的估测越来越遭的原因我提起过

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  • Worse still,after about 20 minutes after the ship takes off, all radio contact between ship and earth will be destroyed.


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  • So from the point of view of the producers, this Cournot Equilibrium is worse than monopoly, but better than perfect competition.


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  • You can make multiple--you can put three or four-- the copy gets worse and worse each time, but you've got multiple copies.


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  • And some medications of schizophrenics they take can make this worse So the typical, so call typical neuroleptics can exacerbate the symptoms.


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  • But in the case of severe disabilities, most people are in no doubt that life is worse.


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  • So this was a bit of joke and surprise made them angry about this convergence. Then something even worse happened. People started to talk about using the internet to carry voice conversations for free.


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  • Right? If that was the case in that code, then my complexity is no longer log, because I need linear access for each time I've got to go to the list, and it's going to Lisp be much worse than that.


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  • The laws can't do anything about making people better or worse, it takes them as they are and then it deals with them accordingly.


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  • One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.


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  • Politics, for him, is less a matter of prudential decisions of better and worse, than it is, you might say, an existential decision of choosing life or death.


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  • And there were many people trying to resolve the conflict, not just in the Middle East,else in the world, with very good intentions but very often making inadvertently the matters worse.


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