• And I am going to superscript it molecular orbital, and this upper one, to indicate that it's antibonding, has the asterisk.


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  • There's something else I wanted to say to indicate this notion of men being the polis as opposed to anything tangible.


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  • He's trying to indicate that there are things that we can't really know in a scientific way but we can glimpse.


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  • And I have purposely made the arrow shorter to indicate that it has been slowed because we are going to argue its mass didn't change, so the only way to change its energy is to change its velocity.


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  • So, of course, this is resonance so we can go ahead and put our resonance notation in there to indicate that benzene is a resonance structure.


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  • At my maximum, I'll put a hat over it to indicate this is the argmax; at my maximum I'm going to set this thing equal to 0.


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  • That it is intended as a kind of joke to, in many ways, discredit the idea of the just city or at least to indicate its extreme implausibility.


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  • They're colored different here to indicate one new difference that you know about now, and that's that there is an orientation, there's an up and down on the chain.


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  • Then we want to indicate that meter to the performer.


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  • Where a historian might simply record events that is such a simple thing to do, but let's go with that for a moment) a historian might simply record events, however selectively or partially, ; might try to indicate cause and effect where possible; but a historiosophy is a more conscious philosophy of history.


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  • I have it shown with the--the vertical lines on this chart indicate recessions and this shows--this is from 1948 to 2007 and every recession that we've had since 1948 is shown.


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  • This is my humble drawing to indicate discrete sodium chlorine pairs.


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  • We were talking about the subdivision of that pulse, the organizing of that pulse into meters, and that we had this capacity to indicate what the meter was by these numbers: two-four, and three-four for duple and triple meter.


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  • There is another orthography that is used to indicate dipole.


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  • You see a bleep going across the screen to indicate that they've got their finger on the pulse of what's happening, or you see it in TV shows like ER.


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  • It's called cDNA or complimentary DNA to indicate that it's a copy, a complimentary copy of the messenger RNA.


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  • One of the functions of MHC is to indicate which cells belong inside your body, which cells don't.


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  • What we've written is a whole step, so we've got to indicate that this is just a half step away in that fashion, D to E-flat.


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  • And I am going to let this arrow somehow indicate the value of the incident energy.


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