• There's a special student membership so I encourage you to check out the international positive psychology association and join to stay abreast of the latest development in the field of positive psychology.


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  • So it's definitely also like a touristic attraction just to check out what the people are doing as well.


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  • And the customer in front of you in line has so many items to check out.


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  • Because,you know,you can't trust me,and so you have to check me out and make sure I'm not lying to you.


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  • And the last thing we do for any of our structures to check them and figure out are these valid or not valid, are these good Lewis structures is to check the formal charge.


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  • So if you want to check that out after dinner time or so, you can fill that out.


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  • And I called him up and I said, "Look, I'm going to go check out these other summer jobs but then I'll come visit you."


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  • All right, and let's just check this out, because I want to make a point of this, let's go back and do the following.


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  • It is not all that mysterious how we check out to see whether-- the same body has been around, even though you didn't do it.


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  • Nowadays, if you go to outer space, you can check for yourself that if you throw something out, it just goes on forever without your intervention.


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  • So I encourage you to check it out.


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  • The reason is that the best response for Firm 1, So it turns out it's pretty to check that this is the only Nash Equilibrium in the game.


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  • It was very impactful to start a book that way because I doubt that hardly any readers actually write out a check on the spot to UNICEF; but if you don't, then you are in some sense responsible for the loss of 30 lives.


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  • It's saying, "Remember, check it out, you want to do this and think about it carefully."


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  • so you should check out Amsterdam. They have really nice places to go out.


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  • Hey, check out that chick. She's really hot. Let me go talk to her."


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  • Go to the web and check them out if you haven't already.


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  • And so going to Gama-Go, I think, is one of the coolest like, quintessential San Francisco places to go check out.


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  • Well, it turns out that if you want to check two conditions and you only care that one of them is true or the other one is true.


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  • All right, it's so if I looked at it, sorry, IF x is less than y, THEN check to see IF x is less than z, and if that's true, print out x is the smallest.


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  • All right, we're-- well actually, I should say that better, we first check to see, is x 0 greater than or equal to zero, if it's not, then we come down here and we print something out, otherwise we run through a little loop to get the answer, and then we check it and we spit something out.


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  • It is going to give me back a tuple a collection of two things, and so check out the syntax.


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  • So feel free to check that out if you have interest.


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  • So, I have to check for that, but nine times out of ten there's not going to be a problem so now let's do this.


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