• If it were just a little bit different I could say, all right, I have a different approximation. But when it's this different, something is wrong. Right?


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  • What will make a difference to our levels of wellbeing is if we have right vs. wrong expectations.


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  • That's right. I feel like, correct me if I'm wrong here, it seems to me there is a particular opportunity for Muslims in America in a sense of, unlike say France, where there is a real like no head scarves in the school.


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  • I'm sorry, that's not right. I don't want to get this wrong, 25,051, and we learn that in a Cretan village, two nurses, one girl, and one boy are employed.


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  • And these are things like anger at cheaters, gratitude toward sharers, the sort of things you'd expect to come out in a prisoner's dilemma, feelings that some things are right and some things are wrong.


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  • So, the Commune begins on the 18th of March, 1871, and it lasts until the end of May, 1871. Lenin once called it the "Festival of the Oppressed"; and Lenin was wrong about many things, he was right about a few things but wrong about many, but he got that one right.


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  • Of course, they're all sorts of conditions under which a reaction could be wrong in the lab or outdoors or however, right. But this is the way we're going to define delta H of reaction.


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