• For a real gas it depends on more than the temperature STUDENT: Are there any other constraints similar to that .


    麻省理工公开课 - 热力学与动力学课程节选

  • I mean it is still like a real big cultural mecca for African American people in New York City.


    这里不危险 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • If open course becomes a real movement, then how do we allow people to navigate across different open course platforms?


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  • That I think is a real virtue but it can come at the price of demanding short term accountability.


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  • But there are all sorts of things, you can just breathe in and breathe out, and it's a real opportunity.


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  • is not to be considered as the effusion of real passion; for passion runs not after remote allusions and obscure opinions.


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  • H for an ideal gas is only a function of temperature. This is not true for a real gas fortunately, but it's true for an ideal gas.


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  • Nationally, home prices in the United States rose 85% between 1997 and 2006 in real terms-- in inflation-corrected terms.

    在通货膨胀已校正的条件下,美国房价,在1997 年到2006年之间,实质上上涨了85%

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  • Well let me put up some real numbers and we'll see about how much the correspondence to what we've got here.


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  • Our country has got to turn to the world and say: "You know we made some real big mistakes.


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  • So, this is a photograph that someone took on the internet of a real world receipt from a restaurant somewhere I think in the UK and I think the take away will perhaps be cleared pretty fast.


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  • They're psychologically real literature about very real or realistic people and life situations.


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  • The study of scientific psychology has a lot of insights of real world relevance to real problems that we face in our everyday lives.


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  • I want to get to there starting from real sodium and real chlorine.


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  • The man is not a real man, the man is a symbol; only this time, a symbol of the real, a symbol of the actual and local of the Irish race and the reality.


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  • The claim is, I can write any vector you give me as a real scale i plus a real scale j.

    也就是说,我可以把任何你给我的矢量,写成 i 和 j 的实系数线性组合的形式

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