• And that sort of geared me up for a whole series of novels where I do tons of research, even though I write fiction, which is supposed to be made up,right?"

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  • I'm going to write things on the board, I'm going to post things up on the screen, and so on.


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  • We then had to break up the different issues and separately write... about that issue,


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  • So he said, I guess maybe it is my idea I was the first person to write it up.


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  • Lycidas' death -- remember this is the poem that Milton didn't want to write, he was "forc'd" to write it -Lycidas' death allows the uncouth swain to grow up and to move on.


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  • The language that the Beats tried to imagine, tried to write, takes up some of these problems that we saw in Nabokov.


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  • Yeah, if my machine will come back up, there we go. So, I'm going to now go ahead and write a little piece of code, and I put it here and I hope you can actually see these better this time, let me uncomment that region.


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  • Whatever you think those are. Here, you might imagine different people disagreeing about-- oh, but throw in something--but if what you want to do is write the great American novel, then you've got the experience of staying up late at night not knowing how to make the plot work out, crushing pieces of paper and throwing them away.


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  • So if you want to on an exam, you can just write this down quickly at the beginning and refer to it as you're filling up your electron configurations, but also if you look at the periodic table it's very clear as you try to fill it up that way that the same order comes out of that.


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  • So we have to come up--we mortals-- have to come up with some other device, and our device to remember things is to try to write it down because my premise here is, if you can write music down clearly you are hearing it, clearly, and you would have a better chance of remembering it if you could write it down.


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  • So here is the simplest program which is perhaps an ironic statement that you can implement with this language called C. So it takes a few lines of code to actually get something up and running and as you'll recall last Friday, I didn't even get this up and running because part of the process of writing a program is to one, write it.


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  • The goal of that was to take for a typical human, or for a typical - in the case of the human genome project maybe you're looking at fruit flies, you want to look at all the DNA in a fruit fly, but to look at the sequence of base pairs that makes up human DNA and write them all out; we'll talk about that later.


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  • When we talk about anti-bonding, 1sb essentially we're taking 1 s a and now we're subtracting 1 s b, sigma1s and what we end up with again is sigma 1 s, and the important thing to remember is to write this star here.


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