• The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is honoring all three researchers for studies of the structure and operation of a kind of cell called a ribosome.

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  • And you'll see as we go through the other big-- the other two "big three" that there is a kind of repetition of this theme.


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  • They tend to be just triads whereas in classical music we can have a triad but we can also add a seventh note with one,three,five,seven,nine,eleven, that kind of thing.


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  • Then, I didn't get any response for like three months and then to my surprise I got a hand-written letter, in kind of a trembling handwriting; I still have it.


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  • For Empson, there's a kind of a fluid and easy movement back and forth between what for hermeneutics are three very different phenomena: author, text, reader.


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  • But it's only an effective vaccine in the context where you have people who can go to the doctor's office, or to an urgent care, some kind of medical facility, three times, reliably, at a specified period of time.


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  • And this exercise of being able to work In these three different modes, economic intuition, graphs, and kind of nerdy high school math is a lot of what we want to get you used to as Economic Majors, just to be able to translate easily between those.


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