• "The government is reasonably tolerant of labor disputes because they are disputes between management and workers.

    VOA: standard.2010.06.24

  • He anticipated this power much as his father, a reasonably well-to-do banker, might have anticipated long-term earnings from a particularly risky business venture.


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  • I don't think the contraction is dramatic enough that we're not going to continue to see most really strong ideas will get funded and reasonably well funded.


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  • "SB 1070 will blow the door open to increased racial profiling wrongful arrests and other discrimination against anyone who police reasonably suspect may be undocumented."

    VOA: standard.2010.05.08

  • And this is because as you start writing--saving files to your hard drive, what happens is you might save this file here, then this one, then this one, then this one, but very reasonably you might go back eventually and delete this one.


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  • "The good thing is the economic stimulus package of the government has worked reasonably well,"

    VOA: standard.2009.10.16

  • And Milton reasonably alerts his reader to the timeliness of a lot of the material that would be covered in this poem.


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  • And because of the stimulus package consumption activities are reasonably active."

    VOA: standard.2009.10.16

  • I think that there isn't a faculty point of view, it's a faculty's diversion, reasonably large.


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  • Schools in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey, he says,are among those doing, "reasonably well" at incorporating the biosciences into state science standards, supporting advanced courses and ensuring science teachers are well-qualified.

    VOA: standard.2009.11.25

  • Then of course, there's the other problem that the insurance company-- how does the insurance company reasonably specify that it can come through on this policy?


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  • And the answer of the most connected actor or actress is reasonably surprising.


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  • and I pick something reasonably simple.


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  • Just while we're doing that, I think the reputation of this class-- I think--if you look at the course evaluations online or whatever, is that this class is reasonably hard but reasonably fun.


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  • But because in many cases we can reasonably either model or measure equations of state, collect data for a material for its temperature, pressure, volume relations, then in fact if we can relate all these quantities to those then in fact we really can calculate essentially all of the thermodynamics. For the material.


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  • I think after hearing the Lady end her speech at line 779 that the audience could reasonably expect that the Lady would someday get married.


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  • I think the genius of this parable hinges on the fact that the servant who was only given one talent seems to be acting so perfectly reasonably - with a laudable form of caution and hesitation, you could actually say.


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  • It's not until Book Three of Paradise Lost that the poet explicitly reveals to us, to his readers, the fact of the physical handicap that might reasonably be thought to render impossible his composition of the poem.


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  • Now, we're going to go back to Roger Ibbotson at the School of Management. He did some path breaking work in terms of describing capital markets returns over reasonably long periods of time.


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  • Such disorders are reasonably common in college students.


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  • I'm going to put that on reserve in the library; but again, I think that the edition that you have is reasonably up to date and so that's all that I'm expecting you to read.


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  • And there are many people in sort of common sense who might think "Gee, if only I could just use my rationality, think reasonably and rationally and not let my emotions guide my behavior I'd be much better off."


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