• So,Russell says, even if in the Vilks case, he does not defend the particular cartoon in question, cartoonists around the world should keep their right to draw and provoke, and ask questions about the world we live in.

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  • In this particular case, you can see of the brain is steering at the red spot.


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  • Now in this particular case, these animals will not overeat on the healthy balanced food and won't gain excess weight, they'll maintain a normal weight.


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  • Why? Because they didn't ask the question that they needed to ask,which was,in that particular case, the salutogenic question: why do some individuals succeed ? despite unfavorable circumstances?


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  • So in that particular case we've switched the roles around.


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  • It is certainly possible, for example, that a quadratic algorithm could run faster than a linear algorithm. It depends on what the input is, it depends on, you know, what the particular cases are. So it is not the case that, on every input, a linear algorithm is always going to be better than a quadratic algorithm.


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  • So you're going to figure out what happens in this story very generally, well not very generally, but in the particular case actually on the homework assignment, but I want you to understand that there's this much more general story underlying this, and this is a pretty good model of a lot of markets.


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  • I'm going to write the particular case of R and take derivatives.

    我会写出 R 的一个特例,然后对其求导

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  • In this case, this particular restriction enzyme cuts symmetrically like this, but not at the same point.


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  • That's the case marvelously in this poem, and I'd be happy to talk about particular examples with any of you who'd like to work through it.


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  • First, I want to talk a little bit about facial expressions, which are ways in which we communicate our emotions not the only way, but an important way and look, in particular, at the case of smiling because it's kind of interesting.


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  • I'm going to throw it, or raise it, to use the right term to somebody in case they can handle it, but it's a particular kind of exception I might do something like, remind you I have test.


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  • And in Strauss in attempting to do this will use the orchestra to depict here in this particular case perhaps the rise of human power, maybe as metaphorically represented by the sun, so here is Strauss depicting the rise of the sun.


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