• Nor does Wolfe like when all the young actors showing up for an audition look the same.

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  • They don't look the same, they don't behave the same, they don't perform the same biological functions.


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  • I think it's just because all big comedians look the same, I don't know.


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  • At the same time, seventy-two percent believed people look better when their skin is tanned.

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  • He was the kid who was covered with mud for seven days, He said, "It doesn't look the same to me anymore, I think there were sort of spiritual awakening for him during that.


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  • Look at our lakes, they are drying up. Look at our rivers, they are drying up.' And I think,by extension, the same with other African countries.

    VOA: standard.2009.10.13

  • Here are two hydrogens, and they both look the same.


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  • "Therefore,to be able to shift the behavior of these people, to look at the turtle the other way around, then you have to involve them in the conservation of the same."

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  • May look the same but from the inside,they feel very different.


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  • "The timeline that we've talked about is actually,in a sense that, if I were to use the surge in Iraq, look where we are right now, sort of apply the same kind of timeline to Afghanistan, as best we can tell, and we think that's reasonable, in terms of having the impact, and then being able to thin our forces out and bring them back".

    VOA: standard.2009.11.04

  • Remember that this molecule, let's look at the blue one wouldn't be the same if I turned it upside down.


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  • Once we see that kind of worry, we have to see, look, the same thing could be true for the soul.


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  • So if we're keeping n the same, we look and what we saw was that size actually decreases as we increase the value of l.


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  • Well, you won't be surprised to hear it's the same solution. So let's look at that code.


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  • Can we see-- use some of the same methods that we've looked at for the physical world to look at the social world?


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  • Same thing at Latin America when you look at Venezue and these of the other countries.


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  • So once you look at Star Festival then you can think about the questions you have to answer and then question maybe the same thing I ask myself: who am I? While maybe some other questions.


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  • If you look around the world, it's the same kind of thing.


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  • And,certainly,the way that provincial people--including myself, and we're legally residents of France, and we live in Ardeche and I'm proud of it-- view Parisians is often with that same kind of contempt that the Parisians look at us.


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  • You find that the graphs for the men and the women, the orange and the yellow lines look pretty much the same, so there don't appear to be any gender interactions until you get out here, and that's a pretty small segment of the population.


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  • And we've all been in this, where we know that it's shameful to look at this, just drive on, as Socrates would say " "mind your own business," and yet at the same time we feel, even against our will, compelled to look and think about that.


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  • What will Player II's best response look like as a function of Player I's choice in the same picture?


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  • Let's look at how these two different ways can be used and expressed by the same pattern.


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  • t look the same to you, because your brain is correctly interpreting them as what once in a shadow, as sending, say a thousand photos per second into my eye.


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  • So again, for both heat and work we don't get the same result. Now let's look at our special function, right. So here's path A.


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  • And look a little further down in the same paragraph.


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  • When I look for it here I'm going to see two pieces, one that's nearly the same length and one that's much shorter.


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  • And, likewise, we get over to here and finally, look, here is 5d and 5f almost at the same level.


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  • You look at identical twins, monozygotic twins who share the same genetic profile.


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  • So if you want to on an exam, you can just write this down quickly at the beginning and refer to it as you're filling up your electron configurations, but also if you look at the periodic table it's very clear as you try to fill it up that way that the same order comes out of that.


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