• Sakuma says during this year's global economic downturn it has been harder to keep up with demand and fill their clients' orders.

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  • And it's impossible for us to, to keep up with it.


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  • Notice the freedom that he exercises in unfolding what feels like an improvisatory monologue in which he makes you race to keep up with him as he follows a semi-hidden logic that he treats as self-evident.


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  • He had to revise the book in 2006 to keep up with the changing technology.

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  • Because of the climate and because of certain things growing in different parts of the world--and by the way, I see some of you kind of struggling to keep up with some of the things I'm doing on the slides, but I'm hoping to make broad points here, and again, the slides will be posted on the website so don't worry so much if you're not able to get everything down.


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  • If they're paid by commission on each trade they just keep calling you up and coming up with new ideas for new trades.


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  • and I like to keep up to date with them because it's important that we learn about it.


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  • Keep them up. Wave them in the air with a bit of motion.


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  • He couldn't--He ended up not being able to keep a job, not being able to deal with people.


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  • So, we just have to keep improving our regulation and trying to make a deal with all of the problems as they come up.


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  • Ideally, keep up with the readings before you come to class.


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  • It's one of the most rapidly changing, hard to keep up with areas because someone can set up an electronic exchange overnight and suddenly become a base for trading trillions of dollars of securities.


    耶鲁公开课 - 金融市场课程节选

  • Keep up with the readings.


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