• Cultural intelligence means the need to consider local behaviors in everything from simple handshakes to speaking to large groups.

    VOA: special.2011.01.21

  • But if you find someone who is raw in intelligence exceeds theirs but has 10 years lots of experience then they can probably adopt and learn way quicker.


    斯坦福公开课 - 扎克伯格谈Facebook创业过程课程节选

  • we have classes that discuss artificial intelligence within the computer science department.


    对于未来的技术 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • During World War Two, Eugene McCarthy worked as a technical aide for a military intelligence office of the War Department.

    VOA: special.2009.08.30

  • So, we devoted a lecture early on--of a couple of weeks ago, to individual differences across people in intelligence and personality.


    耶鲁公开课 - 心理学导论课程节选

  • He says intelligence sources and methods will become known,and Afghans who have helped American forces may now be in danger.

    VOA: special.2010.07.31

  • The natural hierarchy, then, seems to be a sort of hierarchy of intelligence or at least a hierarchy of the rational.


    耶鲁公开课 - 政治哲学导论课程节选

  • American officials say the information was made public after Iran discovered that Western intelligence agencies knew about the facility.

    VOA: special.2009.09.26

  • But usually by 8 a.m., we'd have his first briefing of the day, which was always his intelligence briefing.


    普林斯顿公开课 - 国际座谈会课程节选

  • Some of the documents suggest that members of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency are helping insurgent groups in Afghanistan.

    VOA: special.2010.07.31

  • So clear sense of your core competence and direction, intelligence and understanding not only with your own people are doing but what's going on in academia and in startups, and then the willingness to take some risk that would be what I'd say.


    斯坦福公开课 - 微软CEO-Steve.Ballmer谈科技的未来课程节选

  • Suppose genetic tests show that you may someday suffer from a disease that robs you of your intelligence.

    VOA: special.2010.03.23

  • Because Albert Einstein, who I had on my wall,as a undergrad he meant so much to me, not only we both play the violin, the most brilliant mind and intelligence in the 20th century.


    普林斯顿公开课 - 人性课程节选

  • The professor has a vicious enemy to defeat, central intelligence agents to outsmart and a friend to save.

    VOA: special.2009.10.09

  • Here's where the intelligence of the immune system comes in, is that these cytotoxic T-cells that are generated only kill cells that have this signal on it.


    耶鲁公开课 - 生物医学工程探索课程节选

  • Intelligence officials said the head of al-Qaida's operations in Afghanistan used a middleman to communicate with him.

    VOA: special.2009.10.17

  • In this case defined chiefly by their intelligence, but other things too. Well, anyway in this case, in Greek political thinking the aristocracy of birth is the default position.


    耶鲁公开课 - 古希腊历史简介课程节选

  • Its goals were to illegally gather intelligence on the Democratic Party and dishonor opponents of the president.

    VOA: special.2009.04.26

  • So our main goal, at least my own passion is artificial intelligence.


    什么是认知科学? - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • They can lose trust in their abilities and intelligence, especially in areas like science, math and technology.

    VOA: special.2010.04.30

  • This is something that psychologists have been talking about for over a hundred years Human attention is part of human intelligence.


    耶鲁公开课 - 金融市场课程节选

  • Mr.Mack also says developments in artificial intelligence could lead to a future where disabled patients could be cared for by a voice-activated robot.

    VOA: special.2011.01.18

  • And then he had them take a comparative and control group an intelligence test and a memory test.


    哈佛公开课 - 幸福课课程节选

  • This showed me plainly that he thought the heroes of the story were men of great intelligence.

    VOA: special.2009.08.29

  • The two most important things that I look for are number one is just raw intelligence, right?


    斯坦福公开课 - 扎克伯格谈Facebook创业过程课程节选

  • It was mostly his military skill and intelligence that kept the South in the field so long.

    VOA: special.2009.12.24

  • Of course, Darwin was not interested in suspicion but he was certainly the founder of ways of thinking about consciousness that are determined, socio-biologically determined: determined in the realm of cognitive science, determined as artificial intelligence, and so on.


    耶鲁公开课 - 文学理论导论课程节选

  • The study says the IQs or intelligence quotients of the younger children who were not spanked were five points higher than those who were.

    VOA: special.2009.10.21

  • or try to develop a paradigm over which artificial intelligence might work,


    对于未来的技术 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • Director of the Central Intelligence later Director of the National Intelligence would come in, and bring a briefer.


    普林斯顿公开课 - 国际座谈会课程节选

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