• That money will be given out based on how many people live in different communities.

    VOA: special.2010.05.07

  • All right, let's try again. How many people vote that this is reversible? That looks like a majority to me. Irreversible?


    麻省理工公开课 - 热力学与动力学课程节选

  • How many seats are there in a room?", "How many people are attending an event?"


    How many课堂 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • No one really knows how many people have gotten sick.

    VOA: special.2009.11.24

  • How many people vote for that this is a reversible process? I've got one vote back there two votes, three votes, four votes. Anybody else?


    麻省理工公开课 - 热力学与动力学课程节选

  • "Our health and wellness committee provided us with pedometers and there was a contest to see how many people could log ten thousand or more steps each day over a certain period.

    VOA: special.2011.02.28

  • Just so I get a show of hands: how many people have heard of Roger Bannister? Ok. A handful.


    哈佛公开课 - 幸福课课程节选

  • "Just to see how many people were walking around singing 'O Canada!' in the streets with flags waving.

    VOA: standard.2010.02.28

  • Okay. How many people would say they were off by an average of zero to ten percent?


    耶鲁公开课 - 关于食物的心理学、生物学和政治学课程节选

  • It is unclear how many attackers took part in the assault, how many people have been wounded or killed and how many people remain captive.

    VOA: standard.2009.03.30

  • How many people here are either psych majors or expect to become psych majors or cognitive science as though you could raise your hand to?


    耶鲁公开课 - 心理学导论课程节选

  • Barro said President Obama spoke at length about the death toll from the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington but failed to address how many people have been killed by U.S.troops in Iraq.

    VOA: standard.2009.06.04

  • Maybe I could ask for a show of hands of how many people did that.


    耶鲁公开课 - 金融市场课程节选

  • Some people like to Google their friends or themselves to see how many times their name appears on the Internet.

    VOA: special.2009.04.19

  • How many people have seen this thing before?


    耶鲁公开课 - 基础物理课程节选

  • As part of the survey, the young people were asked how many hours of television or videos they watched daily.

    VOA: special.2009.02.11

  • How big is your program, like how many people are actually there?


    和话剧专业的朋友 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • She says many people wonder how the country's history would have been different if one gunshot on one evening had not happened.

    VOA: special.2009.07.24

  • Now before I do that, I don't need the people at home to see this, but how many of you were here last time? How many of you were not.


    耶鲁公开课 - 博弈论课程节选

  • Given this information, many people want to know how safe is it to travel?

    VOA: special.2009.07.14

  • How many possible people, rather, could there be?


    耶鲁公开课 - 死亡课程节选

  • Fauzi says many people panicked unnecessarily last week and public education campaigns are needed to teach people how to respond to earthquakes.

    VOA: standard.2009.09.07

  • Many of you won't be here the next day, that's what happens with shopping period, and then the third day we see how many folks we have. We do have, for those people who want to take it, a travaux diriges en francais, we have a section that's French speaking.


    耶鲁公开课 - 1871年后的法国课程节选

  • He says,in the last six or seven years, the number of jihadi groups has expanded so greatly that it is taking a while to find out who these people are and how many fighters have joined their ranks.

    VOA: standard.2009.03.30

  • There are so many people from all over the world and that's how I met most of my friends.


    来自世界各地的朋友 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • Secretary Clinton says many people who heard President Obama's Cairo speech five months ago asked how his vision for a new understanding between the United States and the Muslim world would translate into meaningful changes in people's everyday lives.

    VOA: standard.2009.11.03

  • Suppose there were a lottery, cabin boy lost, and the rest of the story unfolded, then how many people would say it was morally permissible?


    耶鲁公开课 - 公正课程节选

  • Yet how many people could give a kind of reasoned account of ? what makes these beliefs true ? or what grounds these beliefs?


    耶鲁公开课 - 政治哲学导论课程节选

  • How many people can we imagine who might fit that description?


    耶鲁公开课 - 1945年后的美国小说课程节选

  • How many people had the same phenomenon?


    斯坦福公开课 - 7个颠覆你思想的演讲课程节选

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