• Carriers have argued (lied, frankly) that such penalties are necessary due to network congestion or financial well being, despite the fact that flat-rate pricing has been perfectly profitable, the costs of delivering broadband continue to plummet, and most well-run fixed-line networks experience limited to no substantive congestion.

    FORBES: Yes, Of Course The Broadband Companies Are Gouging You With Data Caps

  • ETPs are now available for a wide range of equity asset classes, sub-classes, styles and sectors as well as fixed-income, commodity and foreign currency categories on a long and short basis.

    FORBES: It's Not Really A Lost Decade

  • Exports have held up well, fixed-asset investment and retail sales have been strong and credit growth has accelerated.

    WSJ: IMF's Asia Chief Anoop Singh Says China Slowdown Fears Overblown

  • Investors of any age who are concerned about diversification but who lack the means to invest in multiple funds simultaneously can always turn to target-date funds, most of which are "funds of funds" that include a blend of domestic and foreign equities, as well as fixed-income holdings.

    WSJ: Investing Advice for New Grads

  • JPMorgan Chase ( JPM - news - people ) is offering a 5.25% 30-year fixed mortgage as well as a 4.5% 15-year fixed mortgage.

    FORBES: How To Buy That Home

  • Citigroup ( C - news - people ), is offering 5.375% or 5.25% for a 30-year fixed mortgage as well as 4.75% or 4.625% on a 15-year fixed mortgage depending on assumptions and assuming that the person has a good credit score.

    FORBES: How To Buy That Home

  • Well, the fixed-income sector and muni markets rallied some 10% these past months.

    FORBES: Risks Skewered To The Downside

  • The return on a fixed-interest-rate loan is, well, fixed.

    FORBES: A Distant Mirror

  • But with NTL due to change its name to Virgin Media next year, NTL also has UK commercial broadcaster ITV in its sights as a takeover target, part of its plans to offer television as well as broadband, fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services.

    CNN: Branson, Murdoch square off in media war

  • Until last year, South Korea's 31 stockbrokers ran a well-organised cartel, with prices fixed at a fat 0.5% per trade.

    ECONOMIST: Korean finance

  • The office is also in charge of the White House Communications Agency, which handles all presidential telephone, radio, and digital communications, as well as airlift operations through both fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • That manipulated, pegged, or fixed-rate system worked well in the early postwar years when there was apparently an unlimited demand for dollar reserves, which we were happy to provide to the world in the form of external deficits.

    FORBES: Currency Manipulation

  • The promotion of a well-regarded dealmaker like Schwartz to chief executive at a firm more known for servicing hedge funds and for fixed-income activities raises the possibility that Bear Stearns will sell additional stakes of itself or find a merger partner.

    FORBES: Cayne Quits As Bear Stearns CEO

  • Satellite telephones should also be useful in shipping and aviation, as well as in less-developed countries that lack either modern fixed-wire or wireless telephone infrastructures.

    ECONOMIST: Is Iridium about to fall to earth?

  • He added that Tesco should have an advantage over its traditional rivals with its lower fixed-cost base, benefiting from its Internet base as well as its ability to set up shop at Tesco hypermarkets.

    FORBES: Market Scan

  • In particular, mortgages to prime borrowers and fixed-rate mortgages to all classes of borrowers continue to perform well, with low rates of delinquency.

    NPR: Bernanke: U.S. Growth 'Moderate' as Inflation Rises

  • The money could go entirely into riskless fixed-income instruments, such as U.S. Treasurys or well-diversified, balanced mutual funds.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Hoffman expects the 15-year fixed rate mortgage to eventually drop to 2.75%, as well.

    FORBES: With QE3, How Low Will Mortgage Rates Go?

  • In fact, it sold well despite the bond not having a "step-up" clause, meaning the coupon is fixed permanently, a structure that is considered favorable to the issuer.

    WSJ: Perpetual Bond Risk Rises With US Treasury Yields

  • In this scenario, investments that focus on income generation such as bonds tend to do well as the fixed payment streams that are delivered to investors are worth more, while more growth-oriented investments are negatively impacted by slower growth.

    FORBES: The Deleveraging Conundrum

  • With the White House and Congress pressuring NASA to reduce space station costs and construction delays, the agency felt compelled to adhere to a fixed shuttle flight schedule for station missions, which would affect non-station missions as well, the report said.

    CNN: Shuttle not likely to fly by spring, experts say

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