• Kazakhs consider Kirgizstan to be an economic weakling and some even refer to the country as a Kazakh province.

    ECONOMIST: Kirgizstan

  • Kroger started out the weakling when it came to growth, but in recent years has beaten Wal-Mart in that category.

    FORBES: Can Kroger Beat Wal-Mart?

  • Find yourself unable to cope with the relentless pressures of top-level competition, and, for some, you're a lightweight, a weakling, a bottler.

    BBC: Bitter-sweet sympathy

  • Mr. De Sena accurately sized me up as a weakling and tried to put the rewards of Spartan Sprint participation in terms I could understand.

    WSJ: This Is One That's for the Spartans

  • " But on other issues, he notes, the administration takes a different tack: "When it comes to global warming, they're a 97-pound weakling and they say they can't do anything.

    NPR: Supreme Court Hears Global Warming Arguments

  • As in the old Charles Atlas ads, the 97-pound weakling eventually gets tired of having sand kicked in his face, heads off to the gym and becomes just as muscled as the bully.

    FORBES: Can Kroger Beat Wal-Mart?

  • Keep in mind, though, that Samsung's 2, 100mAh battery is no weakling either, and its performance in the video rundown test seems to suggest most heavy users will easily last a full day with nary a struggle.

    ENGADGET: Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless review Mobile

  • He would rather have inherited a quiet, rich country, not a poor weakling bordered by such enemies as Israel, which sits in taunting occupation of a mountain-top that can be seen from his palace windows on a clear day.

    ECONOMIST: Why Syria's president, Bashar Assad, is in such a bind

  • Anti-trust law is rooted in the assumption that powerful business entities will keep out new competitors if their rise is unchecked, but ESPN's ascent from weakling to sports behemoth proves that the present is a faulty predictor of the future.

    FORBES: Political Economy

  • Contrary to what its name might suggest, Mega might be the weakling of the pair, rocking a mere QVGA display, which as far as modern WinMo sets go, is pretty much the only spec we need to know to put us to sleep.

    ENGADGET: HTC Leo and Mega to be awesome and not-so-awesome, respectively?

  • And while it used to require a certain set of characteristics to thrive as a bully, the internet makes it simple for almost anyone to graduate from cowering weakling to kicking virtual sand in the face of friends and strangers in no time.

    FORBES: Jimmy Wong Saves the Internet

  • "It's ironic that the Bush Administration, which acts like Superman most of the time, doing exactly what it wants to, is acting like a 97-pound weakling in this case, saying it doesn't have the authority to act, " says David Doniger, lead attorney on the case for the National Resources Defense Council.

    FORBES: Supreme Court Takes On Global Warming?

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