• At the age of twenty-one, in 1906, Modigliani arrived in Paris as a vivacious dandy.

    NEWYORKER: Long Faces

  • With Samsung's Precision Black Pro technology, the S9 delivers deep, real blacks as well as pure vivacious whites.

    ENGADGET: Samsung 2013 LCDs and plasmas revealed: quad core CPU, new menus and more

  • Kinsey in this vivacious and witty—even naughty—bio-pic, written and directed by Bill Condon.

    NEWYORKER: Kinsey

  • Mr Erdogan's touch was in evidence in Van as he and his vivacious wife, Emine, handed out toys to ragged children.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey

  • The main exhibits are the surprisingly large textile wall hangings, most of them vivacious painted cottons, although some are embroidered and block-printed or woven silk brocade.

    ECONOMIST: Krishna exhibition

  • With Wall Street rigor and Silicon Valley edge, it, under the guidance of its vivacious Co-Founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg and board chair Edgar Bronfman Jr.

    FORBES: Where Silicon Valley Meets Emerging Market Entrepreneurs

  • Vivacious and adventurous, if plagued by self-doubt, Lucie set off with a friend to work in the hostess bars of Tokyo's Roppongi district, in the hope of paying off her debts.

    ECONOMIST: The fate of an Englishwoman

  • Frans Hals, with vivacious portraits, and Jacob van Ruisdael, with grand yet somehow confiding landscapes, are shown at their best, as is Jan Steen, if, unlike me, you relish his over-the-top bawdry.

    NEWYORKER: New Amsterdam

  • We talked for more than an hour, and it was a vivacious (and at times one-sided) conversation that spanned everything from writing to politics to economic issues to journalism to the publishing world.

    FORBES: The Meaningful L.J. Davis

  • Handsome enough to get Mona, his vivacious landlady and the mother of his friend Pete Best, who played drums for them, into bed and into the club, while the others still behaved like virgins.

    ECONOMIST: Neil Aspinall

  • Samsung's Precision Black Pro technology delivers deep, real blacks and pure vivacious whites, while the combination of an extremely high contrast ratio and Ultimate Dimming control functionality means consumers will experience the sharpest resolutions ever seen on large format displays.

    ENGADGET: Samsung, Flo Rida introduce massive Giga Sound MX-FS9000 speakers (update: hands-on video)

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