• Meanwhile, Sun's beleaguered sales force is vainly trying to extract profit from its new severs.

    FORBES: Microsoft's War Of Attrition

  • Instead, it is vainly trying to preserve the status quo and appease entrenched political factions.

    FORBES: Japan Throws A Dime To American Debt Junkies

  • Even as terror struck Algiers, Camus was vainly urging a federal solution, with a place for French settlers.

    ECONOMIST: In search of the real Camus

  • It is thought to have been left by a pair of Australopithecus afarensis, vainly retreating from an erupting volcano.

    BBC: NEWS | Science/Nature | Robotics show Lucy walked upright

  • The Cameroon international cut inside to elude the challenge of Nemanja Vidic before toe-poking the ball home as Michael Carrick vainly challenged.

    CNN: Barcelona claim Champions League glory

  • Local residents and the council have vainly opposed two Whitehall-inspired housing projects—plans for 10, 000 homes in Reading West and 490 in Reading East.

    ECONOMIST: A prosperous town with growing pains

  • They dodged the secret police, forged papers, gave underground seminars and produced a clandestine mass-circulation newspaper, which the authorities repeatedly, but vainly, tried to suppress.

    ECONOMIST: Poland: Brave women, but not sisters | The

  • Nick drives off into the desert, thirsting vainly for his roots, while Beth stays home and goes to bed with a slimy housepainter, Sid (Eric Stoltz).

    NEWYORKER: Bodies, Rest & Motion

  • It was a similar tale in the second set: Federer vainly seeking inspiration against an opponent who continued to play solid, and occasionally brilliant, grass-court tennis.

    BBC: Wimbledon 2010: Roger Federer survives massive scare

  • David and Diana Murphy (Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore) are a young married couple, desperate for money, who vainly try their luck at the tables of Las Vegas.

    NEWYORKER: Indecent Proposal

  • Since 2009 he has vainly fought two battles to lead the DPJ, a sore loser who snipes at the prime minister but who no longer dares leave the party.

    ECONOMIST: Japan’s Ichiro Ozawa

  • In a long, rambling and self-justificatory late-night interview with Mr Ottaway soon after, Prince Bandar unburdened himself, trying vainly to defend the kingdom against a new army of detractors.

    ECONOMIST: Prince Bandar bin Sultan was an envoy like no other

  • But Rod's slothful habits (heavily lubricated by alcohol) are not easily tamed, and Abby reluctantly leaves him, having tried vainly to persuade his family and friends to help him reform.

    WSJ: Lombard on the Path to Stardom | 'Carole Lombard in the Thirties' | By David Mermelstein

  • First, there was former chairman Alan Greenspan blaming the bubble-bursting on "the investment community, " and vainly trying to deflect the legitimate and well-deserved carping against his free market Ayn Rand ideology.

    FORBES: The Blame Game

  • On current form, though, Scotland looks more like Ireland, where governments in the last century spent huge sums vainly trying to revive Irish—the third living Celtic language in the British Isles.

    ECONOMIST: Reviving Gaelic is a tall order, even with taxpayers' cash

  • According to the Concord Coalition, a bipartisan group that vainly but nobly advocates fiscal probity, discretionary spending has actually risen by an average annual rate of 5.5% for the past three years.

    ECONOMIST: Congress and the surplus

  • The story is a legend at best, but in 1535, historian Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo wrote that Ponce de Leon was vainly seeking curative waters in order to reverse his sexual impotence.

    BBC: Searching for Florida’s fountain of youth

  • Political leaders and religious establishments are placed in a dilemma by the rise of cyber-hedonism: do they follow their youngsters onto the net, or try vainly to lure them away from the computer?

    ECONOMIST: Cyber-hedonism

  • Is the sight of the German chancellor vainly urging back the floodwaters of the River Oder now a fitting metaphor for a man who seems, along with his government, to be inexorably sinking into a legislative and electoral morass?

    ECONOMIST: Drowning in troubles

  • Is it in fact settling down into a pattern that will persist over the next few years, one in which Apple and Samsung share the spoils while the rest try, vainly, to wrest from them that elusive commodity called profit?

    FORBES: Does Google Glass Spell The End Of The Smartphone Wars?

  • Apart from the credit that Jordan will win for securing Sheikh Yassin's freedom—an achievement that Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader, has vainly sought for years—the repercussions of the release are as uncertain as those of Mrs Albright's earlier and more modest success.

    ECONOMIST: A Middle Eastern time-out?

  • Before the crash, she was cheating on him with a real-estate agent named Brian Speer (Matthew Lillard), and, though Matt confronts her in the hospital, ranting vainly at her motionless form, what he really yearns to do is meet Brian, face to face.

    NEWYORKER: Better Times

  • Matthew (Josh Hartnett) is meant to be going to China in his capacity as an advertising executive, instead of which he stays behind in a freezing Chicago in his capacity as a total schmuck, vainly attempting to trace a former love (Diane Kruger).

    NEWYORKER: Wicker Park

  • On Saturday, in the space of 10 maybe 15 minutes, whilst I tried vainly to persuade members of a Newtown women's club to do an interview, I saw a placard-carrying woman by the roadside approached, filmed, photographed by more than a dozen different cameramen and journalists.

    BBC: Newtown overwhelmed by media

  • First he must reveal himself to his son Telemachos, who has been vainly searching for him, and convince him that he is, indeed, his father—a tough act since the goddess Athena has just turned Odysseus into a younger, god-like man, and recognition hangs on disbelieving your eyes.

    FORBES: Play It Again

  • In The Beijing News, Wang Junsheng, a North Korea expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a top government think-tank, says the envoy's visit is tantamount to North Korea announcing that its "vainly-attempted model of 'leading China by the nose'" was a mistake and not feasible.

    BBC: China media: Li Keqiang's Pakistan visit

  • She had been feeling envious for a long time of the higher life of the state, where there was now heroism, renown, and vigor, and where the youth and strength of an old woman, vainly expended in deprivation and horror in the old days, were in demand again.

    NEWYORKER: Among Animals and Plants

  • Coming on the heels of The Luck of Barry Lyndon (1844), in which a financially strapped and roguish outsider tries vainly to find a place in English society, Vanity Fair paints on a much broader canvass and finds the ultimate social climber in the talented, lovely and ever-conniving Becky Sharp.

    FORBES: Picture This

  • And Italy's prospects are being overwhelmed by the contradictions and uncertainties in Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin, where respectively the Eurocrats, the European Central Bank (ECB) and Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel, have all vainly tried to follow two contradictory goals—namely, avoiding any formal default on Greek debt, while also avoiding an open-ended transfer from richer European countries to the insolvent periphery (see article).

    ECONOMIST: Italy and the euro

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