• That was the program to unfreeze frozen financial markets in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

    FORBES: Hello, QE3: More Help For Economy At A Benign Cost

  • We've taken steps to unfreeze the market for auto loans and student loans and small business loans.

    WHITEHOUSE: Town Hall in Arnold, Missouri

  • The current approach is to use the government's superpowers to unfreeze credit markets.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But it is the decision to unfreeze planning for construction in E1 which may be the critical factor here.

    BBC: Israeli settlement move risks diplomatic fallout

  • The White House requested the unparalleled bailout in an effort to unfreeze the stalling credit market in the United States.

    FORBES: The Bailout: All Aboard

  • The hope is that investors will buy into this fund, and it will unfreeze the short-term asset-backed commercial paper market.


  • With bank lending soon to unfreeze, the number of new eatery outlets could start to grow again, and mouths-per-outlet could shrink.

    FORBES: McDonald's Arches Are Golden Even During Fast Food Slump

  • Some were created by the Fed's myriad loans to banks, issuers of commercial paper and others to unfreeze the credit markets.

    ECONOMIST: Central banks' exit strategies

  • In exchange for the North Korean pledge, the US secretly agreed to unfreeze North Korean accounts at BDA and so paved the way for North Korean reentry to international financial markets.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Recognizing the Axis of Evil

  • Weak corporate earnings, a dismal outlook and generally gloomy sentiment continues to weigh on the markets even though the federal government's multipronged effort to unfreeze the lending markets appears to be bearing fruit.

    FORBES: Banking

  • The court was told that the businessman had gone through five previous lawyers who had tried multiple times to unfreeze Mr Yeung's assets so he could pay for his defence, the news agency AP reported.

    BBC: Carson Yeung, Birmingham City owner, has trial postponed

  • As sanctions are lifted, as the United States and the international community unfreeze more Libyan assets, and as the country's oil production is restored, the Libyan people deserve a government that is transparent and accountable.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Salutes the People of Libya

  • Turkey's gains seem more modest but it was pleased to have the support of the powerful Jewish lobby in Washington, which earlier this year helped to get Congress to unfreeze the sale of two frigates.

    ECONOMIST: The Turkish-Israeli affair

  • The problem is, he cannot unfreeze her.

    FORBES: How Warner Bros. Could Reboot Batman - Part 2

  • But it's still easier for Washington to imagine that they can manage Chrysler and GM back onto the road to viability than that anything short of massive infusions of vaguely traceable capital will unfreeze the credit markets and restore financial stability.

    CNN: Commentary: Wall Street got the better bailout

  • Along with our efforts to unfreeze credit and stabilize the housing market, the Recovery Act helped to do this, and it's one of the main reasons our economy has gone from shrinking by 6 percent to growing by nearly 6 percent.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Addresses Business Roundtable

  • This down-to-earth girl that smelled good and wanted to be a nurse would take and hold one of his hands in both of hers to unfreeze him and make him look at her, and she would say that she cannot do it.

    NEWYORKER: Good People

  • But sitting here beside this girl as unknown to him now as outer space, waiting for whatever she might say to unfreeze him, now he felt like he could see the edge or outline of what a real vision of Hell might be.

    NEWYORKER: Good People

  • He said that, you know, the initial reason to use the TARP funds was to unfreeze credit markets and that's one of the things that he'd be looking to use that money for when it comes to trying to move credit for small businesses.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Last weekend, as the Americans struggled to unfreeze the talks, the Israeli cabinet gave initial approval to a plan that expands Jerusalem's municipal borders, partly by including (though not annexing) two Jewish settlements east and north of the city and the West Bank land between them and the city (see article).

    ECONOMIST: Stretching Jerusalem

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