• In 1945, the Allies rejected peace offers by German SS chief Heinrich Himmler, insisting on unconditional surrender.

    CNN: Sunday,

  • The letter was given to General WHM Lowe after Pearse agreed to an unconditional surrender on 29 April, 1916.

    BBC: Dublin may seek surrender letter

  • As U.S. strategists knew from having broken the Japanese military and diplomatic codes, there was virtually no inclination toward unconditional surrender.

    FORBES: The Nuking Of Japan

  • Instead the war's critics propose an entirely new approach that drops or downplays military means and abandons unconditional surrender as the goal.

    ECONOMIST: Ending the war on drugs

  • Ghazi, a former civil servant turned rigid Islamist, says he and his followers prefer martyrdom to the unconditional surrender demanded by the government.

    NPR: Pakistani Army Commander Dies in Mosque Siege

  • The allies supercharged Hitler's position by insisting on Germany's unconditional surrender.

    ECONOMIST: The yoof of yesterday

  • Abdul Rashid Ghazi rejected government calls for an unconditional surrender, saying he and his die-hard followers holed up in Islamabad's Red Mosque will not give up.

    NPR: Militants in Pakistan Mosque Said Ready to Die

  • From that moment on, the Japanese government decided that the only remaining option was to sue for peace and accept the allied terms of unconditional surrender.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese history

  • They may not want a complete and unconditional surrender to the drug cartels, but they could live with an accommodation that included an end to the violence.

    CNN: To-do list for Obama and Mexico's new president

  • The Soviet occupation of the Baltic states prompted Estonia and Lithuania - but not Latvia - to boycott Moscow's commemorations, which mark the signature of the unconditional surrender in Berlin.

    BBC: An estimated 1 million Soviet war veterans are still alive

  • Thus began one of the most notable campaigns in modern military and moral history, brought to a splendid conclusion by the unconditional surrender of all the Argentine forces on the islands, followed shortly by the collapse of the military dictatorship in Buenos Aires.

    WSJ: Paul Johnson: The World-Changing Margaret Thatcher

  • And when the inevitable finally happened, the defeat was so total, the surrender so unconditional and the disgrace of the militarists so complete that all the public's stifled frustration, anger and contempt burst like an overfilled dam.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese history

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