• On the second of two trips to Congo, he fell sick with a tropical disease and died.

    ECONOMIST: Bill Hamilton

  • They risk not only returning with a tropical disease but, more and more often, with one that cannot be treated.

    BBC: Malaria could be Europe-bound

  • Novartis put its Institute for Tropical Disease at Biopolis in 2004.


  • The occupiers improved the infrastructure and tackled tropical disease.

    ECONOMIST: Haiti's history: If at first... | The

  • Shortly after the show opened, I received a letter from Dr. Howard Rusk, founder of the Rusk Institute, complaining that I had maligned Puerto Rico in the verse, that in fact the island had a very low incidence of tropical disease.

    FORBES: Stephen Sondheim Carves Up The Competition--And Himself

  • It is indeed an irony that, in the area of tropical disease, the wicked drug firms have discovered the value of not-for-profit business at precisely the point when governments are contemplating the idea that the best way forward is the use of incentives more attuned to red-in-tooth-and-claw capitalism.

    ECONOMIST: New hope in developing drugs for the poor

  • Unfortunately, this variety, planted in hundreds of millions of acres in Central America, fell prey to a disease, Tropical Race One.

    FORBES: Banana Fungus Threatens World Crop

  • U.N. scientific experts say a warmer world is likely to spread disease in tropical regions, cause sea levels to rise and increase the rate of severe storms.

    CNN: Global warming may 'double heat deaths'

  • The last century saw deployment of anti-malarial drugs and a range of control measures, from marsh drainage to insecticides to bednets, across the tropical regions that are the disease's hinterlands.

    BBC: Climate change is 'distraction' on malaria spread

  • Most were interred in mass graves or doused with petrol and burned because of the fear of disease spreading in the tropical heat.

    ECONOMIST: When the sea turned on the land

  • Africa's year-round tropical temperatures offer no winter to freeze off disease cycles, so each year nearly half the sweet potato crop fails.

    FORBES: Millions Served

  • Now, however, a new strain of the Race disease, the soil-born fungus Tropical Race Four, is making its way through the banana fields of the world, leaving devastation in its tracks.

    FORBES: Banana Fungus Threatens World Crop

  • The disease is so heavily concentrated in the poorest tropical countries, and overwhelmingly in sub-Saharan Africa, that nobody even bothers to keep an accurate count of clinical cases or deaths.

    ECONOMIST: BY INVITATION: Helping the world’s poorest | The

  • However, Simon Cousens, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, points out that such a pattern does not necessarily mean a disease outbreak is levelling off.

    ECONOMIST: The BSE Inquiry

  • In the tropical forests of the island, just south of the equator, 37, 000 Japanese troops died from disease and starvation during the second world war.

    ECONOMIST: Papua New Guinea

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