• Getting a system like ours to work tolerably well is a huge collective action problem.

    FORBES: The Case Against The Case Against Voting

  • But for the middle-aged and professionally successful—members of the academic establishment, for example—life was tolerably comfortable.

    ECONOMIST: Observing Russia

  • That's a drop in the telecom bucket but a tolerably profitable one.

    FORBES: Down To Earth

  • Note, too, that in the past two years Russia had achieved a steady currency and tolerably low inflation (around 10% a year).

    ECONOMIST: The price of an icon

  • You can see this by examining my widely mocked suggestion that mass migration could be the answer as tropical areas become intolerably hot but sub-artic areas become tolerably warm.

    FORBES: Krugman on Being Dovish: Social Security and Climate Editions

  • In a tolerably free society, you are allowed to do what is bad for you, and what others would rather you didn't, so long as you are harming only yourself.

    ECONOMIST: Land of the smoke-free

  • But it could well grow into a thriving, tolerably governed nation with a weak central government and very effective local rule, a positive and vivid contrast to many other Middle East states, especially Syria and Iran.

    FORBES: Winning the War

  • In normal times, this works tolerably well.

    ECONOMIST: Is it a colony or isn’t it?

  • His belief that Britain can hope to achieve what it wants in the world only if American power is harnessed for benign purposes is a good deal more realistic than the Gaullist yearnings of Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin: without American power and the willingness to use it, there would have been no tolerably good outcomes in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

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