• "Character and personality changes are fairly pervasive with motor vehicle accidents, " he said, but added that the brain was changeable or "plastic" and repaired itself over time to varying extents.

    BBC: Slow, difficult period to come

  • Shu noted that statins can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and over time may cause varying degrees of liver damage.

    CNN: Kids and cholesterol: What to do when the numbers are high

  • Even giants like Lucent Technologies have a hard time coping with wildly varying order volumes that can rise or plunge 80% from one month to the next.

    FORBES: Leveling the playing field

  • As my husband noted on the OEM Facebook page, the downed wires happen time and time again (to varying degrees) when there is a major (or not-so-major) storm.

    FORBES: Facebook Updates Keep Town Together Post Irene Day 6 Without Power

  • The league announced that Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove, Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma were suspended without pay for varying lengths of time.

    CNN: Four players suspended in NFL bounty scandal

  • In the past oppositions have been given varying lengths of time to talk up their plans with civil servants - most recently from the January before the fourth anniversary of the last election.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Cameron seeking Whitehall talks

  • Local Web firms in China employ dozens or hundreds of staff to police user-generated content daily, and are required by law to take down a frequently updated list of banned keywords for varying lengths of time, including those related to calls for peaceful political action.

    WSJ: Twitter Can Censor by Country

  • David contributed varying amounts from the time he became a shareholder and board member in the 1980s, but his contributions ceased in 2010 as well.

    FORBES: The Kochs Aren't the Only Funders of Cato

  • Turn back to the Dubai port story which, while it has been superseded by other insomnia-inducing threats, was a major scandal at the time and consider the varying perspectives behind the responses.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Strange Bedfellows'

  • The debt ceiling has been raised, with varying degrees of fanfare, every time it has been hit.

    FORBES: Real Fiscal Cliff Crash When Interest Rates Rise

  • Candidates for more everyday roles within the civil service are given a bulging in-tray filled with documents of varying importance, and not enough time to clear it.

    ECONOMIST: Application

  • Today, they stand in varying states of decay, ravished by time, vandals and wild weather.

    BBC: New Orleans outside of the French Quarter

  • The glamorous ball gowns and cocktail dresses as well as natty daywear outfits are displayed on mannequins of varying sizes to reflect the shape of the ideal woman at the time of each design.

    BBC: Paris�� rarefied world of haute couture

  • This is not a call for independence, but for a range of incremental measures, varying from a right to field Basque sporting teams (at a time when most Spaniards would not look kindly upon the dismemberment of their beloved La Roja world champions) to powers over workforce training and referendums in two tiny enclaves the PNV claims should be Basque.

    ECONOMIST: Spanish politics

  • Perhaps only big-time fans will remember those whose hoop glory was defined by March Madness, and who have since gone on to varying degrees of success during life after basketball.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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