• The administration argues, based on documents CNN obtained, that this would make the process of transitioning to federal control much easier than simply switching control to a new federal agency.

    CNN: Senate stalled on airline security measure

  • Based on the documents CNN obtained, the administration argued that this would make the process of transitioning to federal control much easier than simply switching control to a new federal agency.

    CNN: White House offers compromise for airport security

  • The small robot can even turn appliances on and off via remote control, switching on the dishwasher or the VCR.

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  • When you zoom out you're able to control the music while switching to other apps or working on other stuff.

    ENGADGET: Live from Palm's CES press conference

  • It is easy for parking software to control because it involves switching electric motors on and off, rather than operating mechanical pumps.

    ECONOMIST: Rational consumer

  • Because the regime is afraid of the police switching loyalties, it has imported crowd control from other Arab countries so demonstrators on street can't communicate with them.

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  • But it is notoriously ill-suited to high-tech industries that have to tailor each item to a customer's specific needs (as in a data-switching centre or air-traffic-control system) or in which it is crucial that thousands of interrelated components all work correctly together (as in a rocket vehicle).

    ECONOMIST: The land of disappointments

  • In switching their emphasis to Facebook, marketers give up control over much of the valuable data that their users leave behind.

    FORBES: Read and comment on this article on Jon Bruner's blog.

  • The pieces of scenery are activated by switching on and off so-called passthrough transistors that control the flow of electronic signals from one part of the chip to another.

    FORBES: Chips that change their spots

  • The Delta handheld can control up to three collars total (sold separately) and switching between different dog collars is effortless.

    ENGADGET: Garmin announces new dog collars, talks up 'Bark Odometer'

  • According to Greenwire (April 14, 2010), McCarthy gave assurances best available control technology standards for major GHG emitters would require only efficiency upgrades, not fuel switching from coal to gas.

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  • Sadly, I had sold my stake prematurely, switching into The New York Times property when a professional manager, Walter Mattson, was put in operational control and took profit margins up to normalization for the industry.

    FORBES: Rupert Murdoch Is King Lear On Steroids

  • Software-defined networks will provide some of this flexibility by separating the control function from data forwarding, but there are additional capabilities emerging, he says, such as intelligent switching of wavelengths, the ability to mix dedicated bandwidth with best-efforts networks, and application layer network traffic optimization, e.g.

    FORBES: It's The Year Of The Network

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