• Third, plaintiff lawyers will have to surmount several obstacles before they can bring a case.

    ECONOMIST: Environmental risks

  • But both countries will have to surmount numerous obstacles, including rampant corruption, from the awarding of contracts on the basis of connections to bribes.

    FORBES: In China and India, Turbulence and Volatility Are Part Of The Bargain

  • But in the end, companies will surmount these obstacles -- and the politicians will realize that income inequality is a reasonable price to pay for economic growth.

    FORBES: Capitalism is contagious

  • But if he is to do the astonishing and win, against the odds and despite the fact that Democratic voters are more fired up than the disconsolate Republicans, Mr McCain still has to surmount some sizeable obstacles.

    ECONOMIST: The presidential race

  • In practice, they have lots of obstacles to surmount.

    ECONOMIST: Online payments

  • Though this is supposed to improve with new procedures announced in April, it takes about 15 weeks to register a company and, once registered, it must surmount between ten and 21 more administrative obstacles, compared with a maximum of eight in Germany, four in Britain and two in the United States.

    ECONOMIST: France��s economy

  • But while the early trials of this filtering technology look promising, there are several obstacles that the researchers need to surmount before their product can be commercialised.


  • That is one of many obstacles that Mr Christofias will have to surmount if he is to persuade a majority of his voters to take risks for peace.

    ECONOMIST: Cyprus

  • These are obstacles inherent in the source of the energy that will be difficult to surmount.

    WSJ: The Experts: What Renewable Energy Source Has the Most Promise?

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