• It is nonetheless to be expected that there may be a supply-demand gap for indium, with a substantial escalation in its price, at least over the immediate term which is likely to impact on the inauguration of the thin-film CIGS cell industry.

    FORBES: 14% Efficiency for Thin-Film Solar Cells, but Where Will the Indium Come From?

  • Seagate said in an SEC filing this morning that it expects a huge gap between supply and demand for hard disk drives in the December quarter as a result of the recent severe flooding in Thailand, which has hampered production of both drives and key components.

    FORBES: Seagate Sees Q4 Drive Industry Unit Shortfall From Floods

  • It is predicted that in 2012, Chinese domestic consumption of REs will match domestic production, and this year will see a peak in availability and a demand-supply gap emerging on the world markets.

    FORBES: Shortage Of Rare Earth Metals Exacerbated By Smuggling

  • The malign effects exist because there's a gap between the demand for and the supply of unskilled labor and that gap cannot be filled legally under existing immigration laws.

    FORBES: Migranomics Instead of Walls

  • With the demand from the backlight market nearing saturation and the general lighting market yet to take off, growth in demand has been slow, resulting in a huge demand-supply gap that has put pressure on the average LED selling price.

    FORBES: Cree's Earnings: Looking For Signs Of A Sustained Recovery

  • For their calculations, the two assumed that where there was a gap between demand and conventional supply it would be filled with synthetic fuels, first with tar-sands oil and later with oil from coal and shale. (According to high-end estimates, coal and oil shale could together yield some ten trillion barrels of unconventional crude.) They then calculated what the impact would be on global carbon-dioxide levels.

    NEWYORKER: Unconventional Crude

  • Under these circumstances, diversification among such sources is but a stop-gap solution that can, at best, have a temporary effect on oil supply and, hence, on national security.


  • McKinsey estimated that by 2030, there will be a 40% gap between global water supply and demand.

    FORBES: World Water Day 2013: Water as a Catalyst for Peace

  • That supply of credit lifted house prices and spurred a boom in residential construction, which filled the gap in demand left by sluggish business investment.

    ECONOMIST: Global economic imbalances

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