• He has also made good on his promise to leave Iraq, even if the place is hardly in a stable state.

    ECONOMIST: Mitt Romney abroad

  • Although its war in Iraq serves their goal of preventing a post-Saddam Iraq from developing into a coherent, multi-ethnic, stable state governed by the rule of law, al-Qaida is not an Iranian (or Syrian) organization.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Where America and Iraq converge

  • In a recent paper in Ecosystems, Robert Steneck and his colleagues at the University of Maine report that 4, 500 years of archaeological data from village middens along the coast, and also more recent fishing records, suggest that fishing pressures may have pushed the ecosystem of the Gulf of Maine into a new, less-stable state.

    ECONOMIST: Lobsters in Maine

  • The President also looks forward to discussing upcoming elections in Georgia and the reforms that will ensure Georgia's continuing transformation into a vibrant and stable democratic state.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Russia is poor enough and has stable enough state finances, it has by a very wide margin the smallest sovereign debt burden of any large country, that a government that is truly committed to achieving 6% GDP growth should be able to achieve that goal, at least for a good 5 or 6 years.

    FORBES: Putin Pledges Pro-Growth Tax Cuts: Or, Why Today's Russia is Far More Flexible Than the Soviet Union

  • At this point, Mr Bush turned briefly to the Israelis, pointing out that it was in their own security interests to support the emergence of a stable, peaceful Palestinian state.

    ECONOMIST: Mr Bush's conditions for progress towards peace

  • Hence, it is highly unlikely that an advanced sclerotic democracy such as the United States will be able to right itself and achieve a stable and efficient equilibrium state of freedom and prosperity.

    FORBES: The Myriad Infirmities of Democracy

  • That's because colleges and state governments offer stable employment--since they cannot or will not outsource jobs to India or China.

    FORBES: New Geographer

  • At the very least, it seems unlikely they would support policies, such as the decimation of Israel now being pursued by the Bush administration in part in the hope that Saudi Arabia will play a moderating role in the region, helping to birth a peaceable Palestinian state and a stable, pro-U.S. Middle East.


  • According to ICRA, the gross non performing assets ratios of state-run banks was stable at 2.4% for the first half of the fiscal year, while the same number for the State Bank of India Group rose to 4.3% from 4%.

    FORBES: Asset Quality Worsening At India Banks

  • Yet they point to the fact that enrolment of blacks and Latinos throughout the state system has remained stable since 1996.

    ECONOMIST: Affirmative action

  • The error that our think tank has fallen into is in thinking that this steady state economy is therefore stable and ungrowing.

    FORBES: A Steady State Economy

  • In our state, physicians either decide to retire early or move to a state where premiums are more stable.

    FORBES: Head To Head: Small-Biz Health Care

  • The euro's success so far has suggested that a currency can be stable without the backing of a unitary state.

    ECONOMIST: The financial crisis has made the euro look more alluring

  • That is plenty of time for them to relax into their ground state, the most energetically stable condition they can be in.

    ECONOMIST: Are matter and antimatter truly opposites?

  • And I think if you look at them across the board, the state polls have been pretty stable for the past couple of weeks.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • "The state plan president's role is very stable, " says Kenneth Goulet, president of commercial business and Guertin's boss.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Mr Putin's experiment does seem to have made the state a little stronger and quite a lot more stable, but not noticeably more efficient, and certainly no more accountable or transparent.

    ECONOMIST: Russia has changed since Soviet days, but not nearly enough

  • Some German states had issued their own would-be stable currency: Baden's was secured on the revenue of state forests, Hanover's convertible into a given quantity of rye.

    ECONOMIST: Millennium issue: German hyperinflation

  • The People's Party, led by Andris Skele, a former prime minister, is now hoping to patch together a coalition with Latvia's Way, whose platform—including support for a stable currency and the privatisation of the few firms that remain in state hands—is virtually identical to its own.

    ECONOMIST: Latvia votes for Europe

  • In little over a decade, the microchip has replaced the oil derrick as the driving force behind the state's economy, making Texas far less dependent on stable commodity prices.

    ECONOMIST: Regional economies

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