• He appeared in my opinion arrogant, spiteful, manipulative, and I belive the closest thing to seeing the devil you could ever come close to.

    FORBES: Why Newt Could Win Florida

  • With consumers demanding better devices and more freedom to range among networks, Nokia has a bit less to fear from spiteful carriers who may see it as a threat.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Most diplomats still regard it as a done deal and think it inconceivable that France would really do something as spiteful and destructive as rejecting countries from the old Soviet block.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • The second of his three marriages ended in a protracted fight for the custody of children and the final pages of his book are spoiled by a spiteful assault on this former wife.

    ECONOMIST: A South African writer looks back

  • Historians, such as the eminent Yukio Hattori, have argued that such apparitions reflected the low status of women in feudal Japan, not to mention the belief that women were thought to be more spiteful and attached to life than men.

    ECONOMIST: There is more than you think to the haunting of Japan

  • So do classical economists and, in principle, communists. (In practice, though, Stalin did not erase the lines on his maps, playing with them instead like a spiteful child.) Today the border is under attack from more prosaic people: businessmen and bureaucrats.

    ECONOMIST: Good fences

  • That may account for the spiteful glee with which some critics attacked him when it was discovered he hadn't put quotation marks around certain passages in his books that had been taken from other works--even though all those passages were fully footnoted.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • These punishments might look spiteful.

    ECONOMIST: Human behaviour

  • But an angry, spiteful Roosevelt decided to create a committee of wise public servants who would regulate the system and provide capital as needed. (He wouldn't be the last to do so.) He set the wheels in motion and, five years later, the Fed was born.

    FORBES: Commentary

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