• For example, our global, single-instance ERP system runs 53 country payrolls on the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution and our SAP NetWeaver Portal supports over 2 million members of the SAP Community Network.

    FORBES: The Evolution of SAP Runs SAP

  • And though the Chinese have yet to adopt many of the tricks they picked up by stealing U.S. secrets--how to cram multiple warheads on a single missile, for instance--Representative Christopher Cox is not alone in his fear that the spying may have helped accelerate an Asian arms race.


  • Harrington to allow broad discovery, including pulling incriminating e-mails where private equity firm executives seem to be divvying up deals and depositions of leading figures like KKR co-founder George Roberts, who testified he could not identify a single instance during 2003-2007 where KKR made a bid after a signed agreement was made with another private equity firm.

    FORBES: They Jail Antique Dealers, So Why Not LBO Artists?

  • Single-word reviews, for instance, or personal attacks on the author, are not allowed.

    ECONOMIST: Amateurs on Amazon

  • For instance, the single-aisle Airbus A320 still has not managed to match the reliability of the Boeing 737 Classic even though the Classic began being replaced by the more reliable 737 Next Generation 20 years ago.

    FORBES: 'One Boeing:' Aero Giant Poised For Record Results

  • Research shows that even a single instance of exclusion can undermine well-being, IQ test performance and self-control.

    CNN: The importance of belonging

  • Now it needs to tackle the hard part of its strategy: making it all work together seamlessly, for instance by offering a single sign-on for all its services and one-touch access.

    ECONOMIST: Nokia

  • For their next trick, the anti-big banksters ask you to generalize from a single instance.

    FORBES: The War Against Big Banks Is A War Against Your Mind

  • The NDP, for instance, has its roots in Nasser's single-party socialist state, but its current leaders are business moguls, lawyers and local strongmen.

    ECONOMIST: Change is bound to come, but when?

  • The only visible sign of its tie-up with Toyo Trust, for instance, is a single joint branch, opened with great fanfare last November.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese banking

  • South Africa's Reconstruction and Development Programme, for instance, has subsidized over 1 million modest, 344-square-foot single-family structures that families own and, over time, are expected to improve.

    FORBES: Is 'Slumdog Millionaire' Real?

  • In the spirit of openness now sweeping the country, officials acknowledge that the economy was in no shape, for instance, to prosper after Myanmar's planned entry into a single market among the ten-country Association of South-East Asian Nations in 2015.

    ECONOMIST: Myanmar��s startling changes

  • In a recent study of seven different sectors of the Thai economy, McKinsey, a consultancy, found that poor government regulation was the single biggest barrier to productivity growth in almost every instance, whether in manufacturing or services, in export-oriented or locally consumed products.

    ECONOMIST: Give it a chance

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