• You come here for Gorgonzola-crusted, bone-in buffalo rib eye or red-wine-braised Montana lamb shank.

    FORBES: Just the ticket

  • Braised lamb shank, spiced with freshly ground herbs and chilies is one of the menu highlights.

    FORBES: Best Places To Dine In London During The Olympic Games

  • As Thurber enters the shank of his career, humorousness evolves from bent to stance.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • In the meantime, games like Shank 2, Dust, and hopefully Sacred Citadel have plenty to offer.

    FORBES: 'Sacred Citadel' And The Return Of The 2D Action Side-Scroller

  • An improved kitchen turns out a creditable steak, lemon-peppered salmon and pork shank.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Deborah Shank was highlighted on the show, and won back her settlement from Walmart because of the attention given her situation.

    FORBES: Keith Olbermann Casts A Wide Net In Job Search

  • But that may not happen for another year, Levi's Shank says.

    FORBES: Digital denim

  • Its smooth operators, Shank (John Baker) and his henchman, Layton (Robert Longstreet), induce aspiring musicians to put up cash toward the production of CDs that may never get made.

    NEWYORKER: Great World of Sound

  • The project accelerated late last year after Gordon Shank, then president of Levi's Americas unit and now Levi's chief marketing officer, visited a customer-service center and heard the frustration firsthand.

    FORBES: Digital denim

  • Finishing things off: 2 millimeters of lining leather, Vibram rubber soles, a steel shank, a leather heel counter and a styrene toe box to harden the front and prevent nasty stubs.

    FORBES: Entrepreneurs

  • In career mode, where you create a character and try and advance up the world rankings, you start off pretty slow and you will shank lots of easy shots, much like in Top Spin 3.

    FORBES: Top Spin 4: Nearly Tennis Nirvana

  • The diamond is now mounted on a double halo platinum ring and complimented with 0.82 carats of diamonds that adorn the halos and shank, with additional pave set round brilliants on the side of the head.

    FORBES: The $1 Million Pink 'Prosperity' Diamond

  • An artist was what he had really wanted to be, and he had simply transferred his painterly feelings to stroking the rich glaze on a shank of lamb, or dashing his signature in a passion-fruit coulis.

    ECONOMIST: Santi Santamaría

  • Situated on the banks of the Asian shoreline on the outskirts of the city (about 40 minutes from downtown in the suburb of Kanlica, accessible by shuttle boat) this yali (a word for the wooden residences along the Bosphorus) houses an elegant restaurant with an outdoor terrace serving up Mediterranean and Italian cuisine—such as lamb shank confit—with the sparkling strait as a backdrop.

    FORBES: Five Istanbul Hot Spots With A View

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