• "The project will significantly improve the performance of girls in science subjects, which will facilitate their access to secondary education (high school), " says Hassana Alidou, Chief of Section, Basic to Higher Education and Learning in UNESCO Dakar.

    UNESCO: Improving science education for girls in Niger

  • Dr Wehr, besides being a practising psychiatrist, is chief of the section on biological rhythms at America's National Institute of Mental Health.

    ECONOMIST: People, like all living things, are four dimensional

  • Curtis Ellison, chief of the section of preventive medicine and epidemiology and professor of medicine and public health at the Boston University School of Medicine.

    FORBES: Eight Healthy Reasons To Drink Beer

  • To give you some idea about Nicola, I spoke with the person who hired her at the Department, former Principal Deputy Chief of the Fraud Section, and now a partner at Mintz Levin, Paul Pelletier.

    FORBES: Lindsey Prosecutors Deserved Better

  • Ali Moussa- Iye, Chief of the Intercultural Dialogue Section of UNESCO and in charge of the Slave Route Project, which inspired the seminar, said the results should be celebrated.

    UNESCO: Palmares and UNESCO celebrate the results of the international seminar on the memory of slavery | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Perhaps, I missed the "and part humorous" section mentioned by Forbes editor-in-chief Steve Forbes...or, maybe it's a "guy" thing.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Under the authority of the Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Public Information and the Director of the Division of Relations with Member States and National Commissions, and under the direct supervision of the Chief of the Europe and North America Section, the assistant liaison officer shall contribute to ensuring and strengthening liaison with the Europe and North America region Member States.

    UNESCO: Main Menu

  • Albert Motivans , Chief of the Education Indicators and Data Analysis Section, UNESCO Institute for Statistics, and others.


  • The U.S. Constitution rightly makes the president the commander-in-chief of the military (Article One, Section 2), but in order that he properly and effectively deploy the military it also requires him first to persuade Congress to vote upon and declare war (Article Two, Section 8), which means the President must cite the provocation, name the enemy, and project a plausible path to victory.

    FORBES: The Proliferation of Illegal Wars Erodes American Values

  • He was an official with the United States Department of Justice for 13 years before entering private practice in 1992, serving as the Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division's Public Integrity Section during his last three years.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Though his banknotes were drawn by hand, bearing his own signature as chief cashier, the British government pressed charges under Section 18 of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act, threatening to end his career with a forty-year prison sentence.

    FORBES: J.S.G. Boggs' Counterfeit Money Is Worth More Than The Real Thing. Are You Buying It? [Book Excerpt #2]

  • An 11th-hour settlement still could be reached before the trial starts Monday — or even after it has begun — but it is not surprising that a deal has proved elusive thus far in such a complex case, said David Uhlmann, a University of Michigan law professor and former chief of the Justice Department's environmental crimes section.

    NPR: BP Civil Settlement Remains Elusive As Trial Nears

  • He sat next to his right-hand man at Goldman, Gary Cohn, and in the same section as the short-selling hedge fund manager Jim Chanos, Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond and Nasdaq head Bob Greifeld.

    FORBES: Blankfein Shows Up to Obama Speech; Dimon, Pandit Don't

  • Nitrous oxide is also considered a greenhouse gas and is 310 times more dangerous to the Earth's ozone layer than carbon dioxide, said Joseph Johns, chief of the U.S. attorney's environmental crimes section.

    NPR: Feds Raid 17 Calif. Businesses For Nitrous Oxide

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