• Louisville school officials said the ruling would not affect their school assignment plan for the coming school year.

    CNN: Divided court rejects school diversity plans

  • One high-school math assignment involved a coloring project.

    NEWYORKER: Leap of Faith

  • Students in three Albany High School English classes received the assignment, which was due Wednesday.


  • Another, from 1982, invalidated a Washington state measure that prohibited assignment of public school pupils to attain racially balanced campus enrollments.

    WSJ: Supreme Court to Hear Michigan Affirmative-Action Case

  • He attended a trade school to become a court reporter, and when he joined the Army, three and a half years out of high school, that was his assignment.

    NEWYORKER: The Brass Ring

  • The teacher has not been in school since the district learned of the assignment.


  • Matt shared with me that he often misses the small things about being in school, like writing papers and the occasional homework assignment.

    FORBES: Drop-Out Entrepreneur

  • Adele Schroeter has ordered sensitivity training for the entire staff of Public School 59 in Manhattan following last month's assignment, the Daily News reported Friday.

    WSJ: Slavery-math questions cause uproar at NYC school

  • Albany, New York (CNN) -- An upstate school system apologized Friday after students got a writing assignment in which they were instructed to prove their loyalty to Nazi Germany by arguing Jews are "evil" and the source of that government's problems.


  • While many students sign yearbooks and trade digits and Twitter handles as school closes, Secretary Arne Duncan began June on assignment: using student input to expand Department efforts to help eliminate bullying against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) student community.

    WHITEHOUSE: LGBT Students Give Secretary Duncan Homework

  • But Grutter's longevity has been in doubt since its author, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, was succeeded by Justice Samuel Alito, who joined the court's four other conservatives in a 2007 ruling that forbade public-school districts from promoting diversity through race-conscious pupil-assignment plans.

    WSJ: High Court to Hear College Affirmative-Action Case

  • Instead, when working alone you can treat the assignment as a theoretical exercise, like a B-school case study to turn in to the professor.

    FORBES: Why Smart People Can Be Stupid About Asking For Help

  • If a teacher in an elementary school, public or private, sends a child home with an assignment to watch Fox News, the teacher risks being hauled into the principal's office for exposing a child to a biased source.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The school system's superintendent says she believed that the teacher bore no ill intent but that the assignment should have been worded differently.

    BBC: Map of Albany, NY

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