• Advisers are often needed to navigate the schools' complex admissions criteria and schmooze their registrars.

    ECONOMIST: Assimilating plutocrats

  • In Washington, the lobbyists who schmooze in Congress know that they face a new source of competition.

    ECONOMIST: www.democracy.com

  • Many people who dine at Junnoon, a ritzy Indian restaurant in Palo Alto, California, use Facebook to schmooze with one another.

    FORBES: Fanbook

  • But cleverly done, networking can reap huge benefits for career success, says the UK's renowned "networking queen" and "professor of schmooze" Julia Hobsbawm.

    CNN: Professor of networking on the power of schmoozing

  • By contrast, other ex-Communist countries now have youngish, polyglot leaders such as Hungary's Viktor Orban or Estonia's Mart Laar to schmooze for them at international meetings.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Another way you can schmooze is to get a shoeshine, that most ancient and urban of male rituals, with its attendant smells of leather and shoe polish.

    FORBES: Social Networking for Men, Old Style

  • Not only will these folks get to schmooze one another, but also with the thousands brought to Austin by SXSW, and by the seething Austin startup community.

    FORBES: Access to Austin for Young Entrepreneurs

  • It was Clinton's first in a string of glittering fundraisers, tributes and schmooze sessions with Hollywood stars and Democrats ahead of the party's national convention which begins Monday.

    CNN: Clinton plugs Gore-Lieberman in convention preview

  • Hipness in Carmel Center comes in the form of trendy coffee shops, including local favourites Greg Coffee and Mandarin, where students come to sip lattes and schmooze.

    BBC: Hip Haifa, Israel’s third city

  • President Barack Obama brought in the person, it seems, who could be an adult, schmooze the way Senators are supposed to, and ultimately walk away with some success.

    FORBES: The Biden Watch Begins

  • Schmooze institutional investors, harangue drag-butt executives, negotiate megabuck deals.

    FORBES: Making a Killing

  • Instead, as Iran races to the nuclear finish line, America's Jewish leaders were forced to sit through White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel's kitschy Borscht Belt schmooze about his bar mitzva.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Obama's failure, Netanyahu's opportunity

  • Later this month, Kerry will travel to Washington state to raise cash for his Senate campaign -- a race where there's no Republican opponent -- and then to South Carolina to schmooze with local Democrats.

    CNN: Primaries leave Democrats wrung out

  • What Starker called his "Scotch and Soda Bit, " in which he appeared on stage with scotch, cigarettes and his instrument to schmooze with the audiences—an idea initiated by Joseph Papp in the 1970s—raised a few eyebrows.

    WSJ: Cello's Golden Age Comes to a Close | János Starker | By Stuart Isacoff

  • Such demands begin with how luxury buyers like to be wooed at all sorts of expensive drive-and-schmooze events that are continually on the dockets of brands such as Lexus, BMW, Audi, Cadillac and their dealers, and carries through to the more intense after-sale customer-relationship management programs that are usually applied by luxury brands.

    FORBES: Hyundai's Crafty John Krafcik And His Last Major Challenge

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