• Worse, I have run into countless clergy across all faiths who actually despise business.

    FORBES: Godly Work

  • He wanted to get out the window, drop to the ground, run into the sea across the road.

    NEWYORKER: Teaching

  • Cumulative output gaps across the rich world now run into the trillions of dollars.

    ECONOMIST: Quantitative easing: QE, or not QE? | The

  • And recently Turkey has sounded keener, with American backing, for gas as well as oil pipelines to run from the Caspian across Georgia and into Turkey, to by-pass the prickly Russians.

    ECONOMIST: Ismail Cem, a Turkish strategist

  • Fearing reprisal, thousands of Congolese Tutsis have fled across the nearby border into Tutsi-run Rwanda.

    ECONOMIST: Congo

  • He sees a sleek black animal run from one field, across a dirt road into another field.

    BBC: Surrey puma sightings: Timeline

  • Scrum-half Mike Phillips, another replacement, fed Williams and his darting run across the front of the Toulon defence tempted three tacklers before he flicked the ball straight into Walker's path, giving the Scotsman a clear run-in from close-range.

    BBC: Heineken Cup: Ospreys 29-17 Toulon

  • Two issues that small investors often run into when looking at purchasing municipal bonds are how can they diversify their risk across multiple municipal bonds, and how can they afford to diversify the risk with large minimum investments required?

    FORBES: Tax-Free ETFs For The Little Guy

  • The major trend he has seen recently is an effort to pull together silos of data into a single data warehouse with feeds from all their different systems to run analytics across all the assets under management.

    FORBES: Reporting Values and Risks In Private Equity Funds And Funds Of Funds

  • Instead, he chose to run it across his own penalty area and lost control with a heavy touch, allowing Ireland to slip the ball into an empty net.

    BBC: Hull 2-2 Man City

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