• That said, it would be wrong to suggest that the two countries see eye-to-eye on all or even most big issues, or to rule out a dangerous falling-out in the future.

    ECONOMIST: America and China

  • Meanwhile, privacy advocates argue that the bill's exemption for "operational" collection of data--allowing those practices to take place under an "opt-out" rule--gives advertisers far too much leeway.


  • Once the evidence is clear, all the rule-breakers should be chucked out of the parties, all the rule-benders dispatched from the front benches.

    ECONOMIST: Cleaning up Parliament

  • Over time, the black-out rule has been unpopular and the subject of several antitrust challenges in courts of law.

    FORBES: Time to Abandon The Blackout Rule, Pro Football's Sacred Cow

  • The no-bail-out rule was meant to ensure that markets kept up the pressure.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Other candidates, while not endorsing torture, refused to rule out water-boarding.

    NPR: GOP Hopefuls Hold Debate in South Carolina

  • He has edged to the right on two other areas where he used to be hated by his party's conservatives as a dangerous maverick: on torture (he won't rule out water-boarding) and immigration reform (he says fix the border first, which will take an eternity).

    ECONOMIST: The presidential campaign

  • By the day, the evidence mounts for taking action to change the black-out rule: ticket sales across the NFL have been decreasing for the past two seasons and there is an increasing number of people staying home to watch games—two conditions that were thus in effect before the economy hit its turbulent patch.

    FORBES: Time to Abandon The Blackout Rule, Pro Football's Sacred Cow

  • The captured data is then encoded with GPS info and immediately sent to a call center or trusted friend, or stored for future transmission if a signal is not readily available (since you need to reenter a coverage area at some point for this device to be effective, we can safely rule out T-Mobile as a potential carrier).

    ENGADGET: Nokia's cellphone for kidnap victims

  • For investors looking at long-term energy plays, don't rule out FuelCell Energy (nasdaq: FCEL - news - people ).

    FORBES: Beltway Bet: FuelCell Energy

  • He won't rule out another mega-deal, but calls it unlikely soon.

    FORBES: Ready For Battle

  • Other bits do not go far enough: it is foolish to rule out letting for-profit companies run schools and wrong to exempt the NHS from cuts.

    ECONOMIST: The British election

  • And don't rule out collecting replicas--Pritzker has a cast of a theropod skull and Myhrvold has casts of all seven known Archaeopteryx, the missing link between dinosaurs and birds.

    FORBES: Dig It

  • Is there anything at this point you guys are willing to rule out via tax -- or excuse me, tax increases -- via tax increases, entitlement benefit cuts, raise the retirement age, or is everything on the table?

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Guan was penalized a stroke for slow play, which had some prominent golfers wondering why the Masters rule-men made an example out of a kid when plenty of adult players, like Kevin Na, are guilty of the same thing every week.

    FORBES: Adam Scott Wins A Wild and Wacky Masters Tournament

  • Jeffrey said it was unlikely the attack was a response to recent regional developments — including, for example, Israel's strike this week on a Syrian target — but did not rule out that DHKP-C conducted the bombing as a kind of subcontractor for another group.

    NPR: Suicide Bomber Kills Guard At US Embassy In Turkey

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