• Then, just as quickly, his eyes narrow and he gazes ruefully down the street.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • The gimmick didn't help his Web site go public or even deliver sales, Carfaro ruefully admits.

    FORBES: Entrepreneur as stunt man

  • Once she noted ruefully: "such hearty shakes as they gave my poor little hand too!"

    WHITEHOUSE: Letitia Christian Tyler

  • "You know, there were so many pie-in-the-sky dreams back then, " he says ruefully.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • "I was really tired of Jerry Springer, " the New York man says ruefully.

    NPR: Leaving Hospital? Heed Care Tips Or You May Return

  • At the end of the day, as Encysive ruefully learned, the FDA can still find reasons to delay or reject a drug.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But as many of his friends and advisors have ruefully noted over the years, Bush never learned how to translate his personal views into policy.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Bush's parting lesson

  • As Iraqi diplomats ruefully note, those neighbours' enthusiasm might have been greater if America had been more willing to engage them with carrots as well as sticks.


  • The result, notes Mr Hyman ruefully, is that children are starting to learn (or, more accurately, to attend lessons in) Spanish, when they cannot even read or write English.

    ECONOMIST: Politics and education

  • However, as Mr Blair ruefully acknowledged this week, the only inquiry that can satisfy his most persistent critics is one that finds him guilty of fighting an unjustified war.

    ECONOMIST: Intelligence

  • American officials ruefully agree that they should have thought about the regional response to an agreement they now say was not necessary and was drawn up at Colombian insistence.

    ECONOMIST: Hoist on the petard of a dissuasive defence agreement

  • It is currently cheaper, an Indian businessman says ruefully, to export plastic granules to China and then import them again in bucket-form, than it is to make buckets in India.

    ECONOMIST: India and China

  • Unsurprisingly, an air of regret often hangs over the group's bittersweet reunion album, Time on Earth, which eulogizes Hester amid an assortment of songs that sparkle more ruefully than ever before.

    NPR: Crowded House Won't 'Stop' Sparkling Sadly

  • One Palestinian negotiator says ruefully that just about the only area where the Palestinians, Israel and Jordan can now bring themselves to co-operate is over mosquito control in the Jordan Valley.

    ECONOMIST: A bundle of collapsing acronyms | The

  • Having witnessed the free-kicking prowess of Brazilians past (eg, Rivelino and Zico) and present (Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos and, as the English will recall ruefully, Ronaldinho), the opportunity as depicted seems a certain goal for Brazil.

    ECONOMIST: UNenforceable

  • That wish for a benevolent and omniprotective parent was a political and emotional fantasy, as Roth himself ruefully understood—but perhaps also an inescapable fantasy of a kind that all of us at some level share.

    ECONOMIST: Modern fiction

  • During his four years at Toyota's helm, Toyoda has learned the hard way the costs of blindly pursuing growth, a strategy inherited from his predecessor that he ruefully acknowledges got him slammed by a cascade of recalls.

    NPR: AP Interview: Toyota Chief Stresses Safe Growth

  • He notes ruefully, for instance, how R.

    ECONOMIST: Famous economists

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