• One more bit of advice for Susan Patton's son: A lot of your mother's detractors seem gleeful at the thought that her notoriety will rub off on you to your disadvantage--that you'll be embarrassed and women will shun you.

    WSJ: Best of the Web Today: Susan Patton Told the Truth

  • New York's supertrendy Bliss Spa offers patrons the Ginger Rub, employing fresh-grated gingerroot (no word on whether that comes with wasabi and chopsticks).

    FORBES: The latest spa treatments are easy to digest.

  • Two methods have developed -- the first of which is piezoelectricity, used by Club Surya, where crystals in blocks under the dance-floor rub together with the assistance of dancers on the floor.

    CNN: Are we heading for a human-powered future?

  • There's the rub -- and the point where this fresh, lively picture falls in on itself.

    CNN: Review: Hathaway dazzles in 'Rachel'

  • But here's the real rub: standard, first-generation DVD-video players--the ones on store shelves today--won't play Divx discs.

    FORBES: Stillborn

  • Another potential rub in welcoming world finance is the rule-of-law problem: Capital markets function on trust, and welshing on derivatives contracts, for example, is not conducive to bringing big money to the mainland.

    FORBES: Side Lines

  • Dip them into water -- keep a bucket of water near you -- shake off the excess water and rub that over the upholstery, and the hair will collect on the rubber gloves.

    CNN: Pet hair, poop and other cleaning challenges

  • Hooker Olivier Azam was sin-binned for handling on the floor in the 71st minute and Blair kicked the penalty to rub salt in Gloucester's wounds, while Narraway became their third injury casualty late on.

    BBC: Blues 37-24 Gloucester

  • The men in green shirts can feel hard done-by that they did not get the rub of the green, but it is Wales who march on to next Saturday's Six Nations finale with championship hopes still alive.

    BBC: James Hook flourishes as Wales fly-half

  • In the tiny bedroom they share in a ground floor flat, 13-year-old Lauren Fick is trying to finish her homework on her bed, as her two older brothers rub shoulders at the computer.

    BBC: Can the gangs of Cape Town be talked out of violence?

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