• Acquiring raw materials or finished product outside of the FDA approved and highly regulated logistics chain is difficult, or is impossible.

    FORBES: Proof Of The Failure Of Free Markets In Medicine

  • The increase was planned to support sales growth, store openings, product introductions and expanded assortments, and higher product and raw material acquisition costs.

    FORBES: Tiffany Q2 Sales Up 30%, Same Store Sales Up 22%, Raises Earnings Forecast

  • As an integrated steel manufacturer, U.S. Steel (26.8 million tons annual capacity) is well positioned for higher demand, with a rich product mix, favorable raw materials costs and profitable plants in Europe.

    FORBES: Rusty SteelmakersTake a Shine

  • That said, if the process really can be made to work, CO2 would go from being a polluting waste product to a valuable raw material, and it might even become worthwhile building systems to capture it and pipelines to ship it around.

    ECONOMIST: Biofuels from algae: Craig's twist | The

  • What you have at the end of the line in both cases is raw gas, while we turn out a product on site that can be easily transported and used right away.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The manufacture of cash requires the transportation and use of raw materials in manufacturing processes, with the final product transported to financial institutions.

    FORBES: The Perils Of A Cashless Society

  • Americans aren't feeling higher prices in the form of inflation yet (raw commodities are a small proportion of final food and product costs), but shipping methods are changing.

    FORBES: A Bubble in Bulk

  • The risks to his recommendation and target price include weaker-than-expected new construction markets in the U.S. and China, higher-than-expected costs for raw materials and energy, and higher spending on new-product rollouts.

    FORBES: 6 Small-Cap Stocks That May Rise Up to 82%

  • Huge tariffs--among the highest on any agricultural product in America--remained: a 283% combined duty on raw Iranian pistachios and a 318% charge on roasted ones.

    FORBES: Nutty

  • Previous studies had suggested raw food was digested equally well as cooked food because they looked at faeces as being the end product.

    ECONOMIST: The evolutionary role of cookery

  • It is the rare product today that is more expensive to manufacture in China due to some unique technology or raw material requirement.

    FORBES: Staking Out Your Market Position In China: Part I

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