• Clara Furse's ravishing--but hitherto unconquerable--London Stock Exchange is hardly sitting a corner crying heigh ho!


  • Baldly stated, this is true, but the movie, directed by Antoine Fuqua, has been made with ravishing skill.

    NEWYORKER: Tears of the Sun

  • Sitters who were ravishing in life look ravaged in paint, like burn victims.

    ECONOMIST: Decades of portraits in the flesh

  • With Thandie Newton, ravishing yet implausible, as an accountant with dirty morals.

    NEWYORKER: RocknRolla

  • But the effects of the devastating drought that is ravishing the U.S. were felt, with agricultural commodity prices causing concern in some districts.

    FORBES: Stocks Flat After Beige Book And GDP As Markets Await Bernanke And Jackson Hole

  • Some of the images -- especially dreamy scenes of Beijing opera -- are ravishing, but Zhang's reading of homosexuality seems a little dated.


  • Filming on location with nonprofessional actors drawn from locals along the Ohio-West Virginia border, Steven Soderbergh revitalizes the eternal triangle with a low-key yet ravishing homespun neorealism.

    NEWYORKER: Bubble

  • Kristian Fredrikson's costumes put Ms Blanchett in ravishing, long turn-of-the-century gowns that make the most of her endless yards of torso, spidery arms and almost inhuman swan neck.

    ECONOMIST: Captivating as Hedda Gabler

  • Taken during Fashion Week, it featured her sandwiched between, by her own description and if memory serves me correctly, a ravishing blond transgender makeup artist and a similarly striking transgender model.

    WSJ: Social-Media Face-Off

  • In the violent aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, a defiantly imaginative girl, Ofelia, recoils from her harsh life her stepfather is a Fascist captain who tortures dissidents and descends into a ravishing underworld of sprites and satyrs.

    NEWYORKER: Show The Monster

  • There are moments so ravishing that no other director could conjure them, yet too often the strangeness feels willed, and the drift of the film resembles that of the ship itself tranquil, exasperating, and dangerously short of purpose.

    NEWYORKER: The White Diamond

  • The same stenciling technique is used to great effect on the velvet tunics and cloaks that Fortuny would pair with his gowns a ravishing example in apricot was first owned by Dorothy Gish and then by Irene Worth.

    WSJ: The Rich Pleasures of Pleats | Fortuny | Spanish Institute | By Laura Jacobs

  • Newly cleaned works are among the other highlights here, for example the spectacular Hans Memling "The Annunciation" (1465-75) and a ravishing Andrea del Sarto "The Holy Family With the Young Saint John the Baptist" (c. 1528 or 1529).

    WSJ: The Met's European Reunion

  • Far less modest are the adjacent Vatican Museums, an exhausting feast of art, and home to the world's most famous frescoes in the legendary Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo's astounding ceiling and wall frescoes that take the cake - picture terrified sinners and ravishing prophets bursting out in 3-D brilliance.

    BBC: Lonely Planet's top 10 sights in Rome

  • As if in homage to that lost work, Robbins operates on the mural principle, moving gaily and with high technical fluency from penniless actors (John Turturro and Emily Watson) to sincere socialites like Countess La Grange (Vanessa Redgrave) and a ravishing Fascist named Margherita Sarfatti (Susan Sarandon).

    NEWYORKER: Cradle Will Rock

  • There are moments here that are perhaps too ravishing for their own good the beauty of the domestic scenes inside the family hut is like an antidote to the brute facts of poverty and yet, finally, it is impossible not to be stirred by the fluid, frictionless travelling shots of Gebrselassie in motion.

    NEWYORKER: Endurance

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