• As we built a multi-functional shared services capability with IT, HR, and Finance, over time we continued to look for other services such as facilities, purchasing, sales order management, meetings, card services, and fleet management to bring under the umbrella to deliver bottom line saving to the corporation.

    FORBES: CIO-plus Series: Interview with Chris Scalet, former EVP Global Services and CIO of Merck

  • Yet China and many export economies need the U.S. to kick into gear in order to provide a purchasing base, so they tolerate or even encourage quantitative easing.

    FORBES: Hostage to the Fed...One Last Time

  • As I wrote last June, its value chain let Dell set its costs 14% below those of competitors like Compaq (that HP bought in 2002) while charging companies a 13% higher price because of the convenience its online purchasing process gave companies who could order PCs configured for their specific requirements.

    FORBES: As Corporate IT & iPad Demand Rise, Dell's Up, HP's Down

  • At Fiverr we see web designers and graphic artists working with voice over professionals and copywriters, purchasing services from each other in order to craft a better brand, not only learning from one other and profiting from the increased exposure, but more importantly growing as professionals by the exchange of knowledge and the recommendations of fellow vendors.

    FORBES: How To Brand Yourself On A Small Budget

  • This is -- the entire purpose of the law that you're talking about was written in the '80s to prevent a private company or an investor from evading taxes in owning a profitable company and then in purchasing one that was losing money in order to take significant -- to use those significant tax losses to lower its own tax rate.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • He pushed to standardize the type of brakes, air conditioners and other parts that it purchased, in order to increase volumes and thus reduce purchasing prices.

    FORBES: The Great Train Catch-Up

  • It could be viewed as similar to purchasing a stock and immediately putting in a limit order to sell the stock for which you are being paid.

    FORBES: Cover Me: A Covered-Call Strategy And McDonald's

  • One place that it might make sense to do so is by purchasing a deep in the money call so that you can exercise it in order to collect the dividend.

    FORBES: Bonus Time: Playing The Special Dividend Trend Through Options

  • Agencies are also evaluated on demonstrating continuous progress towards implementing additional statutory or Executive Order targets and goals reflected in their annual Sustainability Plans, such as green purchasing and electronics stewardship.

    WHITEHOUSE: OMB Sustainability and Energy Scorecards

  • They should also try to put their financial house in order before they fully retire by paying off their mortgage and other debts and purchasing any big-ticket items they expect to need in retirement.

    FORBES: Delaying Retirement, But Not Your Retirement Dreams

  • Draghi added that the central bank had looked at consumer price inflation in the euro zone over two to five years in order to make the decision, and the rate hike had also been a response to lower purchasing power.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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