• When a government (like the present one) has a big majority, and when a prime minister (like the present one) is not interested in the Commons, the life of a backbencher can become mind-numbingly dull.

    ECONOMIST: Peer pressure

  • Furthermore, the costs would be shared by key suppliers, such as Thales (power conversion prime), GS Yuasa (battery supplier), and Securaplane (a Meggitt subsidiary in charge of the battery charger), as their recent market sell-off indicates.

    FORBES: Boeing In A Race Against Time As Entire 787 Dreamliner Fleet Grounded On Battery Issue

  • His image perhaps reaches its zenith in 1992, after the army shoots dozens of pro-democracy protesters in Bangkok, when television shows both the army leader (and prime minister) Suchinda Kraprayoon and the protest leader, Chamlong Srimuang (now a PAD stalwart), kneeling in an audience with him.

    ECONOMIST: Thailand's king and its crisis

  • This week it began to pass bills allowing for the creation of a new post of prime minister (to be filled by Mr Odinga), a law to work against tribalism, a panel to investigate the election, another to draft a new constitution, and a truth and justice commission to investigate political crimes, including a history of corruption ever since independence in 1963.

    ECONOMIST: Time to break with a corrupt past

  • In addition to Netflix, TV and movie fans can access Amazon Instant video (including free programs on Amazon prime), Vudu, Hulu Plus, HBO Go (you need a cable or satellite subscription to sign in) and even news and information channels ranging from Al Jazeera English live programming to Fox News, HuffPost Live and plenty more.

    FORBES: Review of Roku 3: Could It Kill Cable and Satellite TV?

  • Thinking (and the UNHCR's job) broadened under Ruud Lubbers, a former Dutch prime minister, who managed in his time (2001-2005) as head of the agency to breathe new life into some old buzzwords: repatriation, reintegration and rehabilitation.

    ECONOMIST: Repatriating refugees

  • Ramanathan, had risen from humble beginnings to end life as a Prime Minister (Chief Advisor) to no less than two important Regional Monarchs.

    FORBES: What We Humans Value: The Nothingness of Life

  • Viktor Chernomyrdin, the new Russian ambassador to Ukraine (and a former prime minister), is referred to, only half-jokingly, as Mr Putin's viceroy in Kiev.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of Russia

  • This week the Israelis got a new government whose prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu (left), refuses to say that the Palestinians should have a state of their own.

    ECONOMIST: Israel's new government

  • And Japan's latest finance minister, Naoto Kan, has called for a weaker yen (although he received a rebuke from the prime minister for doing so).

    ECONOMIST: Buttonwood: Race to the bottom | The

  • The present foreign minister, Lamberto Dini (a former prime minister and treasury minister) was, previously, the central bank's director-general.

    ECONOMIST: Bank of Italy

  • He cites the iShares Russell Microcap Index (IWC) as a prime example of a good ETF for the above reasons.

    FORBES: How To Find The Best ETFs

  • The other main contender, Sergei Ivanov, the defence minister (and also a deputy prime minister) embodies a different notion of Russia's future: as a great but embattled imperial power.

    ECONOMIST: Russian politics

  • Users of the ReservePlus loan card pay themselves an interest rate pegged at the prime rate (currently 5%) plus a service fee of from 2.9% to 3.25% of the outstanding balance, which goes to Bent's firm.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In 2004 Renho was elected to the Japanese Upper House (of the two-house Diet or Parliament) as a member of the Democratic Party (now led by Prime Minister Kan).

    FORBES: When Japan's Leaders Have Ties To Other Nations

  • By prime blog viewing time (10 a.m.), it had almost dipped below the fold.

    FORBES: Click Here for a Social Media ROI

  • Former Prime Minister MARK EYSKENS (Belgium): Organizing a worldwide control mechanism, solidarity, transparence, and responsibility.

    NPR: In Europe, Excesses Blamed For Money Meltdown

  • The exchange-traded fund (ETF) market is a prime example of a good product that has been high-jacked by Wall Street.

    FORBES: Educating a Nation of Financial Illiterates

  • This galls him since Mr Garang identified the concentration of development in Khartoum, at the expense of the neglected regions in the south and west (especially Darfur) as a prime cause of Sudan's civil wars.

    ECONOMIST: South Sudan

  • Since even more trials will be coming to a conclusion in the coming weeks and months—Mr Berlusconi is accused, among other things, of illegally financing a former (Socialist) prime minister, Bettino Craxi, of budget irregularities and of bribing judges in Rome—the row is bound to grow still louder.

    ECONOMIST: Italy: The prison door | The

  • Before the weekend's announcement some observers argued that, once reinstalled in the Kremlin, Mr Putin would reinvent himself as an economic liberal with a repressive streak (a Russian Pinochet, in effect), and that he would appoint a prime minister who would bring public spending under control and find new sources of growth.

    ECONOMIST: Russia’s presidency

  • The Ghost in question is a young, broke, hard-drinking hack writer (Ewan McGregor) who signs on to rewrite the memoirs of a retired, Tony Blair-like Prime Minister, Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan).

    NEWYORKER: The Ghost Writer

  • MPs and the casting ballot of the speaker, the minority Liberal government of Paul Martin, Canada's prime minister, defeated (by 153-152) a motion of no-confidence.

    ECONOMIST: Canada: After the vote | The

  • In fact, while Mr Brown still harbours ambitions to become prime minister (he is hardly unique in that respect), his relationship with the prime minister is nevertheless a lot closer than many other chancellors have enjoyed.

    ECONOMIST: The chancellor

  • Writer observes Mahathir (who is no longer Prime Minister) speaking at a demonstration protesting the Israeli attack on Gaza.

    NEWYORKER: Eastern Promises

  • The party under most pressure is Punjab's dominant force, the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), run by a former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif.

    ECONOMIST: Banyan

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