• The column family is organized by customer ID (primary key), you have columns for first name, last name, address, and all the normal customer information, plus as many rows as are needed for each purchase.

    FORBES: What You Need to Know About NoSQL Databases

  • In one particular speech to a group of conservative supporters in the key primary state of New Hampshire he let out all the stops, mugging, giggling, winking, and gesturing broadly.

    FORBES: Rick Perry Overcompensates

  • The four-term senator picked South Carolina -- a key primary battleground state -- for his speech in which he criticized Bush's handling of the economy and his foreign policy.

    CNN: Blasting Bush, Kerry makes it official

  • While Republicans were still battling for the nomination in the spring, the number of Obama field offices in key primary season states likely to play significant roles in the fall -- states like Ohio, New Hampshire and Florida -- already outnumbered those of all his potential GOP challengers combined, even though the president wasn't facing any primary season challengers.

    CNN: Analysis: Obama won with a better ground game

  • It will buy textbooks for 16, 000 primary schools in the key subjects of Kiswahili, English, Maths and Science.

    BBC: BAE Systems in Tanzania education payout

  • John Kerry attracted New Hampshire primary voters on the key issues of health care and the economy, according to exit polls.

    CNN: Health care, economy seen as Kerry's winning issues

  • The SOA and partnering organizations also conducted research of their own into the crisis, and their findings placed primary blame on the key assumption utilized by both modelers and the banks when they assessed and priced the massive risk that caused the recent crisis.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He faces a key test in primary elections in Arizona and Michigan on 28 February.

    BBC: Rick Santorum hits Barack Obama on energy and climate

  • The primary inventors of Ii-key hybrid tech are Dr Robert Humphreys and Dr Minzhen Xu.

    FORBES: Roche Accelerates Defense Strategy to Protect Breast-Cancer Drug Herceptin's Turf

  • Instead of forcing us to replicate long swipe gestures using a mouse (which would be cruel to all concerned), Microsoft is putting forward these little key combos as the primary means of navigation on traditional desktop PCs that don't have touchscreens.

    ENGADGET: Windows 8 upgrade diary: multiple monitors make my mouse mad

  • One of the key issues framing the Republican primary race and one that will certainly be highlighted during the general election if Romney were to get that far is his role in Bain Capital.

    FORBES: Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Image Problem -Media Training

  • Health care has emerged as a key issue in the Democratic primary campaign and Clinton's plan could be seen as attempt to offset criticism of Gore on the issue by his lone rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, former New Jersey Sen.

    CNN: No lame duck State of the Union address for Clinton

  • Exit polls indicated the economy was a key issue for voters in the primary states, suggesting Democrats will continue to hit Bush on his stewardship of the nation's fiscal house.

    CNN: Kerry wins five states

  • In particular, the Bank is concerned that teachers are being affected by AIDS at such a rate that they cannot be replaced quickly enough to meet one of the key objectives, that of universal primary education by 2015.

    ECONOMIST: The education of Paul O'Neill | The

  • Sustainable forms of energy can also play a key role in income generation - a primary path out of poverty for the millions who do not have access to reliable grid-distributed electricity.

    BBC: Powering our way out of poverty

  • The Boston Herald reports that Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack, a key factor in John Kerry's primary sweep and the prime time convention speaker tomorrow, derided blacks, southerners and easterners as bad speakers because she could not understand them.

    CNN: 'Shove it,' Teresa's convention debut

  • Another key state, Ohio, also holds its primary March 4 to allocate 141 delegates.

    CNN: Clinton tested in Texas, where it all began in '72

  • They successfully employed this approach during the primary season, running negative ads around the clock in key states.

    FORBES: Money Is The Critical Issue In This Campaign

  • This data, also available to the public, will provide key information about the performance of every state primary and secondary school.

    BBC: Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw wants paid governors

  • He won over reporters because they took pleasure in his company as well as in his rebellious persona, and he won over a plurality of primary and caucus voters because the conservative majority in most key states was divided between two of his opponents, Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, and Mitt Romney.

    NEWYORKER: On the Bus

  • And nowhere is this apparent gap between poll results and enthusiasm potentially more important than the key Midwestern states that are destined to be the primary actors in the drama that will produce our next president starting with the State of Ohio.

    FORBES: Is This The Year The Polls Get It Wrong?

  • The city is a primary convergence point for these issues, and enlightened urban management is key to mitigating their worst impacts.

    FORBES: Innovation In The Asphalt Jungle

  • This week, key states are playing leapfrog in the skirmish for early primary dates, some personal questions for presidential candidates, world leaders take a holiday, but not the leaders of Iraq and Iran.

    NPR: Week in Review: Primaries Play Leapfrog

  • Still, Clinton told reporters after her primary win in Puerto Rico on Sunday that given her support among key demographics in swing states, she has proved she will be a stronger nominee than Obama against John McCain.

    CNN: Sources: Senate superdelegates will throw support to Obama

  • And I'm told that the key voting block, the swing voters in this upcoming Democratic primary, are African-American women, women just like yourselves.

    NPR: S.C. Activists Weigh In on Obama-Clinton Race Rift

  • This is especially important with the Democratic presidential nomination still wide open and manufacturing job loss a big issue in key states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania, which holds its primary April 22.

    FORBES: Boeing Fights Back

  • As he stands today in the wake of Super Tuesday, Mr. Romney is solidly positioned to win the nomination, but these six key dates suggest there will be no valedictory laps until the primary season is over.

    WSJ: Larry Sabato: Six Days on the Road to Tampa

  • Bush's key strengths appear to be his organization and the perception among likely Republican primary voters think he is more electable than McCain.

    CNN: Poll: Bush holds slight lead over McCain in South Carolina

  • But it does not seem to have occurred to Sony that IBM would sell key parts of the Cell before it was complete and to Sony's primary videogame-console competitor.

    WSJ: Playing the Fool

  • Ms Gilbert said the key to raising standards was making sure children could read properly by the time they left primary school.


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