• Experts say that all too often when crimes are committed against people of colour the cases remain unsolved.

    BBC: Magazine

  • Many people are not familiar with the concept of hate crime - the idea that the targeting of people because of the colour of their skin, their religious belief, or their sexual orientation is different to ordinary crime.

    BBC: Hungary's rawest nerve: Learning to love the Roma

  • Human Rights Education (HRE) is required to cultivate respect for all people regardless of colour, gender, descent or national, ethnic or religious identity.

    UNESCO: Human Rights Education in Scotland

  • Experiments that Dr Cosmides, Dr Tooby and their students have conducted in both America and Brazil (another racially mixed country) suggest it is surprisingly easy to rebrand even people of different skin colour by making other badges of allegiance more significant—as happens when sportsmen clothe themselves in coloured team shirts.

    ECONOMIST: Darwinism

  • Launched in January 2012, the UNESCO-USA-Brazil project Teaching Respect for All aims to promote educational responses to counter discrimination and violence through strengthening the foundations of mutual tolerance, and cultivating respect for all people, regardless of colour, gender or national, ethnic or religious identity.


  • The streets have already become a sea of red, with people dressed in the colour of the national supporters team, the Red Devils.

    BBC: South Korea reaches fever pitch

  • One of the problems, for white Zimbabweans, is the fact of course that most of you grew up under Ian Smith's rule in a country that was racist and that discriminated against people on the colour of their skin and it's very difficult for you now to come to the international community and ask for sympathy.

    BBC: Naomi Raaf, victim of farm violence in Zimbabwe

  • The interesting difference between Intel, AMD and ARM, though is not the clash of people that seems to colour the Intel, AMD relationship.

    FORBES: Intel vs ARM: Battle of the Business Model

  • The Fanon who is likelier to interest today's readers is the doctor who saw at first hand how humiliation and prejudice can affect people on both sides of the colour barrier and who struggled to understand the pathology of ethnic hatred.

    ECONOMIST: The roots of prejudice

  • But its second observation is that, so far as can be determined, the traditional definition of race—the tendency of people living in different parts of the world to have different skin colour, hair colour and physiognomy—has no wider ramifications in areas such as intelligence.

    ECONOMIST: Darwinism

  • Unlike children's stories, which colour many people's view of nature, animals do not necessarily tolerate each other.

    ECONOMIST: Cleveland Amory | The

  • "It shows black people now refuse to vote just on the colour of skin, policies such as the war and education also have a big impact, " OBV director Simon Woolley said.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Record number of new minority MPs

  • "It's really a love story that takes place in the last minutes of two people's lives, " says Living Colour's founder and guitarist, Vernon Reid.

    NPR: Living Colour: Getting 'Behind The Sun'

  • "I am deeply alarmed by the general discrimination and social exclusion many people with albinism suffer, as a result of their skin colour, not just in Tanzania but in other countries as well, " she said.

    BBC: Salum Khalfani Bar'wani - November 2010

  • Experts hope that this will make more people pay attention to those who have disappeared, regardless of the colour of their skin.

    BBC: Magazine

  • Its people think only of their own careers and are scared to have individual colour.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of Indonesia: Generals’ preferences | The

  • "They gave to their children an irrational hatred of Jews in the same way that people in Northern Ireland transmitted to their children an irrational hatred, for example, of Catholics, in the same way that people give to their children an outrageous and irrational hatred of those who are of different colour and all of those things, " she said.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | McAleese urged to cancel visit

  • There will be lots of natural light, art, colour and it will be much easier for people to find their way round.

    BBC: Royal Liverpool Hospital: New design unveiled

  • Colour Sergeant Gavin Patton of 3 Rifles told her that although "losing people is never easy... their loss will not be in vain and we will continue until we sort this out".

    BBC: 'Losing people is never easy'

  • It was not what it was intended for because I went on to say that as a properly meritocratic party we should value people by the contribution that they want to bring to the country, not the colour of their skin not their religion, not who their parents were, not how they speak.

    BBC: [an error occurred while processing this directive]

  • People could see when they were not getting jobs, university places or promotion in the army because of their skin colour.

    ECONOMIST: Affirmative action

  • Canon Glyn Webster, acting dean of York Minster, said people would be able to see for the first time the window's "rich colour and artistry".

    BBC: Metal York Minster 'orb' displays medieval stained glass

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