• Antibiotics would be used to treat most lung infections including tuberculosis, though part of the organ might be removed to treat advanced lung cancer.

    NPR: Pope's Partial Lung Shouldn't Affect Duties

  • This means that users who are interested in a particular function or part of an organ can import this information from another model over the web, and incorporate it into their own models using their own programming language.

    ECONOMIST: REPORTS: The heart of the matter | The

  • Zuckerberg told ABC that he was motivated to add the organ donor tool in part because of discussions with his medical-student girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, and also because he was moved by his friendship with the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, whose life was extended by a liver transplant.

    FORBES: Organ Donor Community Surprised And Thrilled By Facebook Decision

  • Each NHS Trust in England is to appoint an organ donation champion to discuss organ donation with families as part of all end of life care where appropriate.

    BBC: Q&A: Organ donation laws

  • Nickell is publishing his findings in a two-part article in Manuscript magazine, the main trade organ for the historical document-collecting crowd.

    FORBES: Santagate (Or, Not A Plagiarist Was Stirring)

  • Creating a part that is specific to a patient's organ takes on even more importance with diseases like bronchial malacia, in which conventional intervention is risky and often the alternative is life on a ventilator.

    CNN: 3-D printer helps save dying baby

  • Connie says at one point a complete stranger offered Kevin a part of his liver, not knowing Kevin needed a whole organ, and one doctor, she says, "showed genuine emotion" after a liver earmarked for Kevin turned out to be HIV positive.

    FORBES: Export Industry

  • By the time Nepalese authorities caught up with Hari Narayan Lam in 2003, this organ broker had convinced 50 dirt-poor Nepalese to part with a kidney.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • At present, the family have a veto even if an individual has "opted in" and signed the Organ Donation Register - a fact that surprised many taking part in the recent research study into the issue.

    BBC: Organ donation and family matters

  • The language centres of the brain, known as Broca's area and Wernicke's area, after the 19th-century researchers who discovered them, are part of the cerebral cortex on the left-hand side of the organ.

    ECONOMIST: Reading minds | The

  • The Welsh Government's just released two documents as part of its consultation on legislation to bring in a soft opt out system of organ donation.

    BBC: Organ donation and family matters

  • The 40-year-old Tobacco Institute and the Committee for Tobacco Research -- the public relations organ and the funder of tobacco research -- were disbanded as a part of the settlement.

    CNN: Big Tobacco: A history of its decline

  • It was not clear once the internal penis was used up after these attempts whether the animal's sex life - at least the male part of it - was effectively over or - after a few weeks or months - the organ could regrow.

    BBC: Sea slug's 'disposable penis' surprises

  • Ms Davidson-Olley, a shop sales advisor, regularly takes part in the World Transplant Games and has spent her life campaigning to get more people on the organ donor list.

    BBC: Kaylee Davidson-Olley marks 25 years with new heart

  • Part of the issue is that the benefit of taking insulin is so big--preventing blindness and organ damage--that even a small long-term cancer risk might be acceptable.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • She has a big, gleaming soprano, evenly produced and, for the most part, well-controlled, ably standing up to the swooning orchestration and its sentimental touches of harp and organ.

    WSJ: Ghost Stories Sung | Spoleto Festival USA | By Heidi Waleson

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