• Ships carrying United Nations' food aid to Somalia are already protected by Canadian military vessels, but the temporary arrangement ends next week.

    CNN: Somali forces free pirate hostages

  • The IMF's mission head for Malawi, Tsidi Tsikata, said the new arrangement was subject to approval next month by the organisation's executive board.

    BBC: Malawi: IMF set to give $157m loan after Banda reforms

  • An arrangement that countries including China would have their handling of their currencies assessed next year meant the problem was nearing resolution, he said.

    BBC: Osborne: G20 'will deliver real results'

  • The Bush administration had argued strongly for a new system because the present one does not work: Iraq has found ways to export oil without UN oversight, life remains miserable for ordinary Iraqis, and there is next to no hope of resuming arms inspections, the ostensible aim of the whole arrangement.

    ECONOMIST: Unwise council | The

  • Moderate growth is expected from vascular and diagnostics division (excluding to certain royalty and supply arrangement revenues and currency impact), after the company launched various products including its next-generation Drug Eluting Stent XIENCE Xpedition and XIENCE PRIME in different parts of the world.

    FORBES: Abbott Earnings Preview: What We Are Watching

  • For Gauguin, the arrangement was more prosaic: he could live cheaply in Arles to save money for his next trip to the tropics.

    ECONOMIST: Van Gogh and Gauguin

  • It also features replaceable faceplates and is said to have some sort of lighting arrangement around the swivel ring that's user-customizable -- perfect for your next fog-filled rave.

    ENGADGET: Nokia Twist launching on Verizon starting September 13

  • Though a points penalty has already happened, the administrator will want to ensure a Company Voluntary Arrangement will be approved by the creditors, thus ensuring further points penalties are not incurred next season.

    BBC: When football club administration kicks off

  • For the next decade he had a contract to provide towing services to his larger rival, BoatUS. But the arrangement irked him.

    FORBES: Marine Dream

  • The warmth in the Arctic that this arrangement has brought may diminish the regeneration of sea ice over the course of this winter, meaning that next summer's sun can push back the boundaries further.

    ECONOMIST: Britain’s cold snap is explained by the Arctic oscillation

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