• Three years ago Cemex would tell customers it would try to make deliveries of ready-mix concrete (the kind that comes in the trucks with rotating barrels) within three hours of agreed delivery times.

    FORBES: Cement meets the cyberworld

  • You won't get any break on furniture prices in Panama, which are roughly equivalent to the U.S. When you compare costs, it will probably make more sense for you to rent a furnished unit and leave most of your stuff in the U.S. in a self-storage unit until you are ready to make a long-term commitment.

    WSJ: Preparing to Retire in Panama--WSJ House Talk

  • The seven million visitors who use this website every year will be able to make reservations, see ready-made itineraries for destination cities, and search for activities on an interactive map.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • The developers are hoping to generate interest in the broader project by starting with a smaller piece and adding streets and other infrastructure to make the 10-acre site ready for development.

    WSJ: Deal of the Week: St. Louis Cardinals Build a Village

  • And if the plans of Apple's rivals in the world of Windows-based computers are any indicator, Apple should by all rights be ready to make another leap into entertainment-oriented hardware.

    FORBES: What Is Apple Baking?

  • To this end, it is ready to make tactical concessions - but without compromising on what it regards as its inalienable right to enrich uranium.

    BBC: High stakes game at Iran nuclear talks

  • After countless leaks and even an early August availability from online retailers, Samsung's ready to make its S-Pen slate, the Galaxy Note 10.1, official for the U.S. market.

    ENGADGET: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 launches stateside August 16th starting at $499

  • In my last year of active duty, I volunteered for Clean Cities Atlanta and the City of Atlanta's Mayor's Office of Sustainability to help make Atlanta Electric-Vehicle (EV) ready -- and ended up working as a full time administrator on a Department of Energy EV Community Readiness Project with the Center for Transportation and the Environment.

    WHITEHOUSE: Advanced Vehicles: Advancing Our Communities

  • My Middle Class Task Force and the Council on Environmental Quality recently released a report titled "Recovery Through Retrofit, " that explains some of these hurdles and how we can overcome them: providing homeowners with straightforward and reliable information on retrofitting their homes, reducing their costs to do it, and ensuring that we've got a well-trained workforce ready to make it happen.

    WHITEHOUSE: Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency and New Jobs

  • She told the chamber - ahead of the continued debate on the legislative programme - that she was ready to make a "positive and upbeat case" for independence and she looked forward to winning the referendum in two years time.

    BBC: Scotland politics

  • Speaking at the annual congress of the ruling United Russia party on Saturday, of which both Medvedev and Putin are members, the Russian president indicated that he would not seek re-election and was ready to make way for Putin to tackle the reforms Medvedev started.

    FORBES: Likely Role Reversal For Russia's Dynamic Duo As Medvedev Backs Putin For Pres

  • To make things easy, you can look at ready-made examples or create your own case.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Holding off discussions about the health law's impact on a business might not make sense for employers getting ready to enter long-term contracts with customers, suppliers or trade unions.

    WSJ: Bringing Workers Into the Loop on Health Law

  • "I think they do need to maybe explain more, tell more about what's being done to make London ready for the Olympics in that sense -- transportation -- because that was one of the key issues before the vote in Singapore (when London won the Games in 2005), " said Ed Hula, the editor and founder of Olympics Web site Around the Rings.

    CNN: London marks three years until Olympics

  • For more details on this stage of the mission, including those involved, blast over to the NASA source link below -- and make sure you've got enough coffee ready.

    ENGADGET: NASA: SpaceX Dragon capsule to reach ISS on March 3rd at 6:01AM ET

  • Yes, you'll need a 3D printer and a knack for programming to get most of these projects going, but you won't have to wait for someone to make them for you -- a big help when many ready-made VR displays are either in development or priced out of reach for the average person.


  • The top team must be ready to make people choices quickly and facilitate team-building.

    FORBES: Big Deal: Reflections on the American and US Airways Megamerger

  • "We all need to make sure our crews and planes will be ready to re-engage in the mission safely, " said Champlin.


  • Not playing can get you down, there are going to be good and bad moments, but you mustn't sulk - you've got to make sure you're ready if needed.

    BBC: Keeping the chin up

  • Since then, San Diego-based TurboTax and its parent company Intuit have overhauled their system, investing in new hardware and running stress tests to make sure they're ready for a crush of last-minute filers.

    NPR: TurboTax Prepared for Filing Crunch

  • Now that the results from this and other trials are in, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that the FDA has approved applications from four manufacturers to make H1N1 flu vaccine, which should be ready for high-risk patients by October 15.

    CNN: Cold? Flu? H1N1? How can you tell the difference?

  • Then Starkweather wanted to make what he called a photo-typesetter, which produced camera-ready copy right on your desk.

    NEWYORKER: Creation Myth

  • The automakers said they can make half of their vehicles ready to run on ethanol or bio-diesel by 2012, but said their efforts should be matched by incentives to encourage the production and availability of renewable fuels.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Had the Americans and Israelis been willing to ride out Mr. Arafat's tantrums over the past seven years - - indeed, had the Americans not worked so hard to oust Benjamin Netanyahu, the one Israeli prime minister who was willing to ride them out -- they might have found Mr. Arafat ready to make a final deal by now.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Further, there would be a large number of young post-docs and researchers with metaphorical turgid erectile tissues ready to make a name for themselves overthrowing consensus (the dream of every doctoral student).

    FORBES: Climate Sins and the High Priests of Peer Review

  • And I also agree, as an inner city educator who had to invest his own resources in providing basic services and supplies to a debate team I coached, that teachers are not properly rewarded for such outsized initiative (Mr. Tarkenton, if you want to throw financial support behind my important work teaching debate to at-risk black and Hispanic teens, I am ready to make that reception).

    FORBES: What if Teachers Played by NFL Rules?

  • If it's not yet ready to act on opt-out, the government should make this research an urgent priority.

    BBC: Viewpoint: Should organ donors get free funerals?

  • Even if it has these indirect pay-offs, foreign capital can also make mischief in countries that are not ready for it.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • Unlike many of them, however, Mr Yakis seems ready to make concessions over Cyprus in order to break the 28-year-old stalemate over the island between its Greeks and Turks.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey's government

  • If Facebook is inching toward becoming a search engine, a deep well of questions and answers would be a nice addition to augment the ready-made streams of news and status updates that could make up its results.

    FORBES: Facebook Searches For Answers, Looks To Google

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